Never Late, Never Away Chapter 835

The grassland denied entry of cars, and the family could only walk outside where the driver could pick them up.

The driver would have arrived at the pickup point by the time they reached there.

They took it as an after-meal exercise instead of feeling dejected over having to walk the distance.

“Vivian, are you tired?” The three of them strolled along the grassland.

Finnick was especially pleased with the relaxing pace, but the man was worried that his wife and son might not feel the same.

“What about you, Larry?”

Even though he was still a kid, Larry was full of energy.

Hence, Finnick had asked his wife first before asking his son.

“I’m alright,” she said as she cupped her cheeks. There was no sweat. Then, she waved her hands to dismiss her husband’s worries.

“I’m not tired if Mommy isn’t.” The kid’s innocent remark made his parents chuckle.

Amused, Vivian cast a glance at her son. Isn’t he the youngest here?

The way he’s putting it, it’s as if I’m weaker than him.

As they walked along, the family joked and discussed their schedule tomorrow.

“I want to go…” Vivian gave it some thought, and realized that there was nowhere in particular that she wanted to go, and she turned to glance at Finnick instead.

Horse riding was Finnick’s idea, and it had been a fun day. Hence, she was planning to let her husband decide their schedule for tomorrow too.

“Larry, where would you like to go?” Finnick asked for his son’s opinion, even though the latter was still young.

Finnick thought his son may be young but that did not mean that the little boy had no opinion of his own.

Hence, he thought of asking his son’s two cents on the matter.

Larry did not disappoint his father and answered, “I’d like to go to visit those vintage buildings.

Like his mother, he also fancied everything vintage.

However, there was still a minor difference between the things that they liked.

Larry was more keen on buildings while Vivian appreciated decors.

Finnick thought maybe because their gender that had brought about the difference.

“Sure, then let’s visit those vintage buildings.” Finnick was pleased with his son’s suggestions.

Larry’s face split into a wide grin after his father acknowledged his suggestions.

To be able to find joy in little things was an essential lesson in life. Otherwise, one might get engulfed in the vortex of their own insatiable desires.

It was a pity that Evelyn was a victim of her own greed.

Finnick dismissed his thoughts and focused on the joyful moment his little family was having.

“Our ride is here.” The family spotted a cab honking at them not far away.

“Excuse me, are you Mr. Trebek?” Vivian went ahead and asked the driver.

“Hello, I am.” The driver then confirmed that Vivian was his customer.

“Please get into the car.” He turned his attention to Finnick at one side. The two men nodded at each other as a polite gesture.

“We are finally in the car. Are you tired, Larry?” Vivian asked, tuckered out from the horse riding all morning.

“I am so happy!” The boy beamed.

Vivian relished the soft cushion seat in the car.

If there was a bed, she was certain that she would doze off right away.

“Vivian, do you want to take a rest?” Finnick reached out and signaled his wife to take a rest in his embrace.

Vivian welcomed his gesture and leaned in his arms. The woman closed her eyes and planned to take a rest.

However, just when she was about to fall asleep, Finnick’s phone rang.

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