Never Late, Never Away Chapter 836

Vivian opened her eyes and noticed that Finnick had picked up the call. His face grew stern and the air went still as moments went by.

The woman could not help but shudder despite the blazing summer weather.

After hanging up the call, Finnick turned to look at Vivian with a grim look on his face.

“What’s the matter?” Vivian knew something bad happened.

She instantly sobered up as she glanced at Finnick. Even Larry who was leaning against the man set his back straight.

The little boy was curious what happened to his father.

“Something happened to the company.”

His brows creased, forming a little v in between.

Vivian knew the problem had to be quite severe for Finnick to be acting this way. A little trouble wouldn’t bother him so.

“What’s the matter? Don’t panic and tell us slowly.” Vivian eased his furrowed brows.

Vivian knew she had to keep her cool as Finnick already had enough to worry about.

“Shareholders are requesting for me to resign from the board while the public is demanding for a refund,” Finnick explained his quandary in just one sentence, but it was enough to send chills down Vivian’s spine.


“I can understand shareholders’ request. But why is the public demanding a refund? When have we ever taken their money?”

“They’re talking about the money they’ve invested in our stock.” Finnick doubted his own words as soon as it was out of his mouth, but the notion was gone as brief as it had appeared.

“Then, let’s head back. Noah wouldn’t be able to handle it for much longer.” Vivian signaled for the driver to speed up as she cradled her husband’s hands in hers, trying to give him strength.

“It’s going to be alright, Daddy. I’m sure there will be a way out. We will be able to solve the problem once we know what’s wrong.”

Larry words were reassuring.

Even a five-year-old is able to have such a positive outlook. What do I have to be afraid of then?

Larry had actually learned it all from Benedict as the boy had spent considerable time with the man.

Nevertheless, Finnick found his son’s words to be reassuring and patted him on his head.”

“Thank you, Vivian and Larry,” the man muttered, grateful that the two were still by his side.

To be frank, the man actually felt lost when he first heard that his company was in huge trouble. After all, he had poured his heart and soul into making it a success.

With Vivian and Larry by his side, there was solace.

At the very least, he was not alone in braving the challenges.

“Vivian, I’m so sorry. I should be accompanying you on this trip…”

The man was plagued by guilt. He had promised to take Vivian on this trip because she felt bored at home.

However, he had not expected things at his company to take such a turn.

Afraid that his wife might feel disappointed, he apologized to her first.

What he did not know was, Vivian was actually so worried about his company that she had not even thought about the rest of their vacation.

Vivian was frustrated at her husband for thinking that she might be irked. “This is no time to think about vacation. I’m your wife, for Pete’s sake!

“Now that something’s happened to the company, all I’m thinking about is how you’re going to get through this. Why would you think that I would fixate on such a trivial matter?”

Her words were a wake up call to Finnick.

I’m not a useless man. I have to work hard for my good wife and son.

How can I sit idly by and watch the company go bankrupt?

Finnick went silent at the thought of it, and his brain went into overdrive as he tried to come up with a solution.

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