Never Late, Never Away Chapter 837

The family reached their hotel soon after. They wasted no time packing their luggage and check out of their room right after.

Larry trailed behind Vivian and helped her carry small bags.

Upon reaching the airport, Finnick rushed to the counter and asked if there were any tickets back. Fortunately, there were vacant seats. He booked the flight that would depart just half an hour later.

As soon as he was on the plane, Finnick delved deep into his thoughts as he tried to puzzle everything together.

What could have possibly gone so wrong that my company’s in a such a mess?

The man pictured the key personnel of his company in his head, visualizing their personality and course of actions that they would undertake.

Vivian knew her husband needed some space to think right then, and did not interrupt him.

The woman merely hugged her son to sleep at his side.

She had no idea what was going on at the company. Even if she did, Vivian thought she wouldn’t be of much help either.

The only thing that she could do was to stay by Finnick’s side, and to comfort him when he needed it.

This is the only thing that I can do for him right now, and I can do better at this.

The plane had reached its destination earlier than scheduled as if it knew that Finnick had to deal with his urgent matter.

Vivian was delighted at how smooth things were going.

They landed at their city after a long flight, and the three of them got off the plane.

The family could spot Noah heading toward them in an apprehensive manner after they reached the airport entrance.

“Mr. Norton, Mrs. Norton, Mr. Larry. You guys are finally back,” Noah greeted them before taking over the luggage in Finnick’s hand.

“Okay, brief me on what happened,” Finnick said after making sure that Larry was still by his side.

“The numbers on our accounts do not tally, and some companies collaborating with us are requesting to terminate the contract with us. Some shareholders on the board are demanding that you resign.”

Finnick furrowed his brows further after listening to Noah’s report.

He thought the matter was not as simple as the latter had illustrated, but he had to come up with a contingency plan before striking his next move.

“Why are those stockholders demanding a refund?” Finnick asked as this was the most befuddling aspect of it all.

“Our share prices had plummeted, and they’re demanding for a refund on the grounds of that.” Noah was fuming with fury. However, he decided that it was best he kept his cool until Finnick came back.

“Well, aren’t they a bunch of joker for making such a demand?” Finnick snorted.

He put his hand on top of the car’s window to prevent Vivian from bumping it. After his wife and his son had gotten into the car, he headed inside as well.

Finnick and Noah continued to discuss the company crisis.

Meanwhile, Vivian and Larry did not quite understand the whole exchange.

However, they knew that Finnick’s company was facing internal turmoil as well as external threats.

While shareholders were trying to make Finnick resign, stockholders were demanding a refund.

Vivian did not have a clue on how to handle the matter.

Fortunately, Finnick was much more resilient than her, and she was waiting to see how her husband would deal with the crisis.

Larry was attentive in listening to Noah and Finnick’s discussion as well. He was hoping that he could help to alleviate his father’s burden.

“Mr. Norton, where are you going?” Noah asked.

The intersection ahead could lead to both the office and their home.

Finnick glanced at Vivian and Larry to his side, and his wife nodded at him.

The man thought it was best to head toward the company to get his hands on the matter. Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to tackle the problem.

“Daddy, I can go to the office too.” Larry was keen on understanding the matter further.

“Sure, let’s head to the office then.”

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