Never Late, Never Away Chapter 838

Finnick wanted to deal with the matter immediately. The further he dragged it on, the more the losses incurred to his company.

When they were just a stone’s throw away, Finnick had already noticed the stockholders crowding the entrance of Finnor Group as they demanded for a refund.

Some of them were even clutching banners in their hands.

“Finnor Group is a scammer! We demand for a refund!”

“Finnor Group is a liar!”

“Just quit it, Finnor Group!”

Vivian furrowed her brows at the sight of the demeaning banners.

At the rate things were going, journalists would be the next to crowd the entrance of Finnor Group, making it top the headlines once again.

The chauffeur parked the car in the basement, and Vivian, Larry, Finnick, and Noah headed inside the office through a private walkway.

They knew they would be at the mercy of the stockholders if they had taken the entrance instead.

Finnick would not mind if it were only himself and Noah. However, now that Vivian and Larry were there too, he had to ensure his family’s safety.

Vivian and Larry trailed close behind Noah and Finnick as the two men were engrossed in a discussion.

Finnick had gotten the gist of the crisis. However, the man would have to make the call to solve the mess.

Noah fumed with fury as he berated, “Our company is never going to refund them. We might as well ask them to get lost.”

Amused by Noah’s remarks, Finnick was befuddled with the stockholders’ mentality.

Those sheep are clearly just buying any stock that is trending on the market. Now that they’ve incurred losses because of their ignorance, they’re demanding us to be accountable instead? How absurd.

Finnick knew the stockholders were not to be blamed entirely either. However, he felt like he was stuck between a rock and a hard place right then.

And it was all because he had not been able to pinpoint the root cause of this incident.

Why did the company share prices plummet all of a sudden? What is the driving force?

As long as this root cause was not clearly identified, then it was near impossible for them to come up with a viable solution.

Is this the company’s own doing, or is someone deliberately setting us on a destructive path?

It was a problem that had plagued both Finnick and Noah.

When Finnick was about to enter his office, he overheard the ongoing meeting among the board of directors.

“Where is Mr. Norton going?”

The leader of the group asked derisively, and the other directors looked like they were there to watch a good show.

Since our blood and tears all these years are ruined by this genius of a president here, there’s no need to put up an amiable front with him.

“Mr. Lecter, what do you propose we do next?” Finnick was unfazed and asked rhetorically.

“Well, if you ask me, since you’re already causing such a huge loss to the company, I think it’s best that you step down from presiding the board of directors,” said Mr. Lecter as he puffed on his cigarette.

Smoking was strictly prohibited within the office as per the company policy. Mr. Lecter’s defiance was a clear sign that the man no longer had any regard for the company.

“Oh, where should I go then, Mr. Lecter?” Finnick cast a glance at Noah, signaling for him to strike his move.

“Have you no shame, Norton? How dare you still come in here parading when the company has already fallen into such disrepute?”

Mr. Lecter did not wish to squander his time further, and pointed right at Finnick’s nose as he bellowed at the man.

He was hoping to chase Finnick out of the company and take over his shares. Then, Mr. Lecter planned to sell off the shares and profit from them.

Word had been going around that the Neville Group was keen on acquiring Finnor Group, and the president of Neville Group’s insatiable thirst for power was not going to be hindered by the fact that the man was a devout Buddhist.

Mr. Lecter was thrilled at the thought of the commission that he was going to profit from selling all the shares owned by Finnick.

“Mr. Lecter, it looks like you’ve not learned your lesson. I’ve made it clear since five years ago that I detest people pointing and berating at me like that. Since you have zero regards and respect for me, I’d like to ask you to resign.”

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