Never Late, Never Away Chapter 839

Finnick waved his hands, and a few men in black appeared, pinning Mr. Lecter to the ground.

“Norton, what are you doing right now?”

Mr. Lecter knew he was at a clear disadvantage right then. The man cast a glance at Finnick, fear apparent in his eyes.

However, the man was a veteran after all. This was a coup, but it was not like he had never seen the likes of it.

Mr. Lecter then glowered at Finnick.

“Finnick, the best course of action that you can take right now is to hand over your shares.”

Mr. Lecter was betting on the fact that Finnick wouldn’t hurt him, and even attempted to talk sense into the young man.

“That is none of your business. Take him away.”

Finnick snickered at Mr. Lecter and waved his hands. The men in black then carried him out of the meeting room.

“Have you seen how Mr. Lecter had ended up?” You guys had better wait for the company’s final decision, or better yet, try to propose a perfect solution to this problem. Otherwise, don’t blame me if you guys end up like Mr. Lecter.

Finnick scanned the meeting room and registered each and every one of the troublemakers’ faces. He vowed that he would deal with the lot after the company had overcome this hurdle.

The people who would echo Mr. Lecter’s sentiments were either there to watch Finnick making a fool out of himself, or they had something to gain from cornering Finnick.

Either way, Finnor Group no longer required the services of this lot. The best way to salvage themselves out of being blacklisted by Finnick would be to offer the perfect solution.

“Vivian, Larry, let’s head inside.” The man turned to look at his wife and son, his features visibly softened at the sight of them.

The man was reluctant to let Vivian and Larry witness his cold-blooded side. Even though he was feeling down in the dumps right now, he vowed to never vent it on his family.

Of course, Vivian and Larry were well aware of this. They merely nodded and turned around to head inside the president’s office.

“Noah, notify all heads of departments to meet me in five minutes.”

Finnick wanted to get their opinions on the matter.

“Finnick, what about me and Larry?”

Vivian thought her and Larry’s presence was not appropriate since her husband had to chair the meeting.

“Why don’t you guys take a rest in the lounge first?” Finnick understood where she was coming from. He was actually also worried that the heads of departments would hold back if Vivian and Larry were present.

The lounge had everything they needed despite being smaller than Vivian was used to.

Vivian and Larry sat on the bed, listening in to the meeting from inside the lounge.

“I’d really like to hear some suggestions from the heads of departments. I believe that you guys are well aware of how our company is doing right now.”

Even though Finnick sounded weary, Vivian thought his voice still exuded a domineering vibe.

“Okay, a lot of customers are returning our goods, and demanding for a refund.”

“Over at the Planning Department, we have stopped all current plans and looking for new sources.”

“As for the Marketing Department, a number of our staff have resigned, and some even without notice.”

“The Human Resource Department has received a number of resignation letters. We are facing labor shortage right now.”

“Please place the profiles of those who have resigned on my table. HR, please make sure that we do not re-employ these people.”

Finnick listened to every department’s report as he placed his crossed hands on his legs.

He thought there was no point employing staff who left the company right after the company had encountered a hiccup.

Finnick was thinking of using the staff who resigned as an example to deter others from doing the same.

The man started to relax after thinking about it. He scanned the room, and gave out a few important orders before letting them go.

Vivian and Larry only came out from the lounge after making sure that everyone had left.

“I’m sorry for putting you through this,” Finnick apologized to Vivian. He felt bad for having to let Vivian stay out of the heads of departments’ sight. The man just did not wish to elicit any further quarrels.

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