Never Late, Never Away Chapter 841

After listening to his father’s reply, Larry started to parse through the huge pile of documents.

After about forty minutes, Finnick heard a knock on his door.

Vivian jolted awake and noticed that Larry appeared to have read through all the documents as she spotted the boy had already dozed off on the sofa aside.

“Mr. Norton. This is all the review on the company’s performance. All the documents that have been organized are here.” Noah had stolen a few glances before submitting it to Finnick.

The man was befuddled by how far some people would go to have a shot at promotion and increment, as he had spotted a few even pointing fingers at Finnick for the problems faced by the company.

However, on second thought, Noah thought those people were not actually taking much risk anyway. After all, the company had fallen into disrepute, and might even go bankrupt soon. The worst-case scenario for the employees who blamed Finnick would be to get terminated. In short, it wouldn’t affect them much.

Larry went over to Finnick and Vivian’s side as he was trying to read the report that Noah had just submitted. Since the boy couldn’t read most of the words, Finnick decided to just read it aloud so that his son could understand better.

However, Finnick and his family were bemused by some of the comments from the staff.

“I do not like it that I cannot call my boyfriend at work. I do not like it when I cannot fetch my parcel during work. I do not like it that I am forbidden from shopping online while I’m at work. I do not like it when I cannot go to the toilet for just a longer time. I do not like it that the president is too handsome, causing the female staff to gossip about him all the time. I do not like it that the president has married someone, causing me to lose focus at work.”

Finnick was rendered speechless by the pointless feedback from the employees.

Besides, he was not the one who came up with all the rules—the respective heads of departments did.

Moreover, I don’t think they should be whining about these sound rules.

Finnick lowered his head and continued to browse through the feedback, most of it were pointless.

Just when the man was about to give it up, the corner of his eyes caught onto a document that had more things written on it.

“Firstly, there is no unity among the employees as the bullying and badmouthing other people are a norm around here. Next, the company does not seem to care about the welfare of the staff, driving people into frustration, and eventually, we just give up on the company.”

Finnick reflected upon himself after reading the particular feedback. I have not shown much care for my employees. That is true.

However, as for the first part of the feedback, how would he as the top management know about the norm?

He continued reading and realized that the words stung, but were irrevocably true.

“Let’s start investigating the matter,” said Vivian as she looked at the page of A4 paper which was fully written. She thought the feedback would be an excellent starting point for them.

“Daddy, which department is this employee from?” Larry asked.

“The Marketing Department,” replied Finnick before he turned to look at his son.

Larry then searched the pile of documents on the sofa.

The man is from the Marketing Department as well. He looked like an honest man but did not appear like he was from a well-to-do family.

“Daddy, do you think this could be the person who was always bullied by the others?” Larry made his guess but he still had his doubts, and the boy cast a glance at his father.

The boy felt the need to seek validation from his father as the man was more experienced.

Finnick looked at the profile before him. It was of a man named Peter Zborowski.

He had never heard of the man’s name. It was not unusual considering the number of people who work for him.

“Well, then let’s go to the Marketing Department.” Finnick planned to bring Larry along.

In the meantime, Vivian stayed in his office and waited for them.

After all, Larry was the one who discovered the link anyway. Finnick had long thought of his son as his little assistant.

Finnick was not relying on the boy because he was desperate. On the contrary, the man thought Larry really had the potential to achieve greater strides.

“Attention, please. I’d like to ask for your opinion on someone.” Finnick headed toward the Marketing Department and requested for everyone’s attention.

Every staff was thrilled by Finnick’s presence at the Marketing Department, especially the female employees.

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