Never Late, Never Away Chapter 842

Some had already started to speculate who the boy beside Finnick was. Unfortunately, he was unfamiliar to all of them. Their guess was that he must be Finnick’s son.

“What does everyone think about Peter Zborowski?” Finnick made sure to scrutinize their expressions as he did not want anything to elude him.

“About Peter…” It would seem that no one was really keen to talk about that man.

Nobody really liked him when he was around previously, so they wondered why Finnick was asking when they were finally rid of him.

That was what was bothering them, yet no one saw enough of it to speak up.

They were reluctant to speculate what might be on the president’s mind, as even if the company was not doing too great at the moment, he was still a fearsome character.

“Do speak freely,” Finnick added, as he was well aware of their hesitancy.

“Relax. I won’t make things difficult for you.” That left everyone quite surprised.

Whatever did he mean by that? In other words, they may be in for a torrid time should they choose to remain silent.

After they weighed up their options, they variously voiced their opinions.

“Peter’s a menace to the Marketing Department.”

“I don’t like to socialize with him because his family’s poor.”

“He’s little kooky.”

Finnick listened intently as they spoke.

It occurred to Finnick that Peter was generally not viewed in a positive light by his colleagues.

With that, Finnick departed from the Marketing Department. He concluded that there was nothing suspicious about Peter.

It was all about the money. The company’s financial situation was not able to meet their needs, hence they packed up and left.

Though the company may be dealing with some problems at present, salaries were still being paid out in a timely fashion. To leave now would be tantamount to forsaking a concrete source of income.

For him to be so bold as to saunter off so unreservedly and without even tendering his resignation to Human Resource Department suggested that he might have some backing.

“Go and find out more about Peter,” Finnick instructed Noah the moment he stepped into the office.

“Right away,” Noah replied, and left immediately.

“How did it go?” Vivian asked to see if Finnick had discovered any new leads at the Marketing Department.

“We suspect Peter may have played a part in it. Once we figure him out, we should be able to get to the bottom of things.”

Finnick could scarcely believe that the key to uncovering the truth behind the current state of affairs hinged upon such an unremarkable employee.

“Nothing else we can do now except await word from Noah. Let’s go home.”

Finnick glanced at the hue of the sky. It was almost six in the evening. Vivian must have been tired for quite some time already. He took her and Larry by the hand and led them outside.

They were free to exit through the main entrance since the stockholders downstairs have dispersed.

However, the reporters were still there.

Finnick drove up without delay for Vivian and Larry to get in so that they may make a quick exit.

It was not that Finnick was afraid of the press. He was more concerned about getting Vivian some rest so he had no desire to deal with their queries.

“Actually, you should have spoken to them. I don’t know what they’ll write about you after you skipped out like that.” Vivian knew well what her contemporaries were like.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s more important for us to get some rest at home.”

Finnick had placed all his staff on compulsory leave. Even if meant incurring a loss, it should prevent it from escalating out of hand.

Thinking this way came to him as sort of a relief.

All he could think about was for Vivian, Larry, and himself to get a good night’s sleep. When Noah came back with his report, they should be able to establish the root of the problem and work toward a resolution for this crisis.

Finnick wanted to reach home and lay his head down as soon as possible. The car accelerated as his sense of urgency grew.

Even though Vivian had been accompanying him around, she understood his decisions as the pressure he had to endure was much greater than hers.

Once at home, Mrs. Filder prepped some simple fare for the trio. After they had their fill, they returned to their respective rooms.

“How was it? Do you like the outcome?”

A man and a woman were chatting inside the prison. They sounded like they were gloating.

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