Never Late, Never Away Chapter 843

They were Mark and Evelyn.

“I hope that Finnick’s company shuts down soon so that I can show myself,” Evelyn said as she primped the hair she had done up the very same day. She was reasonably satisfied with the situation at present.

“Glad to hear that. Remember to let me know the second it’s proven successful.” Mark smiled as a devious glint flashed across his eyes.

“Naturally,” Evelyn replied smugly. “I’ll figure out a way to free you after Finnick and I get together.”

Mark has proved to be a tremendous asset to her even while behind bars.

There was no way she could have been able to come up with such a brilliant scheme by herself if not for him.

Evelyn was one who knew to pay her dues.

“Please accept my thanks in advance.”

Finnick was able to recover after a night’s rest.

Seeing that Vivian had not stirred, he got up quietly to get dressed and washed up.

By the time he stepped out, Noah was already waiting for him on the couch downstairs.

When Finnick came down the steps, he motioned for Noah to remain seated.

Finnick then regarded the man intently, ready to hear about his findings.

“I’ve got something, Mr. Norton,” Noah said, looking quite emotional.

There was not much about Peter’s squeaky clean background to dig into, and that conveniently made the investigation process much smoother.

“Go ahead. Speak.” Finnick made himself comfortable and looked to his personal assistant in keen anticipation.

“Peter met up with Evelyn a week ago.”


“At the office.”

With that, Finnick had some inkling as to how things suddenly went downhill for them.

So Evelyn was the one who instigated all this.

Finnick massaged his forehead to soothe his own vexation. He would be able to fix this himself if it was the result of an oversight on the part of the company.

However, if it was the consequences of foul play, the perpetrators must have gotten their hands on something which they had no intention of relinquishing.

That would make things significantly more challenging.

The only way forward was to make restitution toward the losses incurred by the company, replace the team and resume operation.

This would require an enormous operating capital.

Even with Finnick’s wealth, after taking out the money that would go toward servicing the debt first, he would not have enough left over to keep the company going.

Finnick reviewed the accounts before him. The numbers reflected were caused by the hemorrhaging suffered by the company. Money was still needed for repayment to his partners.

He would not have the additional funds needed to plug the hole in the sinking ship that was his company and get it sea-worthy again.

Finnick stared blankly at the books, at a loss as to where he should go from here.

“So what if we fail? There will always be a way out,” Vivian said as she came down.

She had actually been listening in on their conversation for quite a while and witnessed the shifts in their mood throughout, so she more or less understood their worries.

“Vivian.” Finnick reached for her hand as he led her to sit with him.

“We could take up a bank loan, Finnick. So long as you do it right, we’d be able to start over.”

Vivian held his hand in sincerity, but good intentions are not enough.

Without money, how was he to qualify for a loan to kick-start anything?

In addition, with the circumstances surrounding the company at present, there would not likely be many paying customers.

Everyone was aware by now that Finnor Group was a failed company.

Once a company failed, it would be extremely difficult to build it back up.

It would be an impossible undertaking in the absence of strong financial backing.

“I’ve some money here,” Vivian said.

“Where did you get the money? From your work at the newspaper?”

Vivian had not been working recently, and her previous job was her sole source of income.

“No. I could ask my brother for it.” Vivian knew Benedict would surely help them.

“I can’t let you do that,” Finnick stated.

“Why not?” Vivian looked at him, quite perplexed. Why was he still resistant given the company’s present predicament?

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