Never Late, Never Away Chapter 844

She could not understand this at all.

“It’s a matter of principle. I’ve promised Ben that I’ll take care of you, so it wouldn’t be right for me to have you ask him for money.”

He did not wait for her to respond. “Let’s drop the idea and try to think of something else.”

There was nothing else Vivian could have said to that. It was a good thing too that they were not yet at their wit’s end so she need not be insistent on seeking Benedict’s help.

Vivian and Noah quickly got back to helping to brainstorm for alternatives. Meanwhile, Evelyn was leisurely enjoying her afternoon tea.

“Now that Finnick’s company has collapsed, the rest will be up to you,” Evelyn said as she regarded Hunter enthusiastically.

“Yes. But how do you know that they won’t be able to turn this around?” Hunter replied as he took another sip of tea.

“For someone like you who holds the position of president in the business world, I’m sure you should be able to tell whether that’s plausible.” Evelyn left it for Hunter to assess for himself.

“Hmph. Indeed.”

The man did not question her assertions. The Finnor Group was doubtlessly in dire straits and it would be hard-pressed for Finnick to be able to wriggle his way out of this one.

What Hunter needed to do was to continue to pound away from all angles until Finnor Group was down for the count. Then, he would go to Vivian.

Only by doing that could he become certain of making Vivian his.

Just thinking about this prospect had Hunter’s lips curled into an unfathomable smile. He had everything planned out inside his head, waiting to be put into motion.

Evelyn was wondering if she might run into that woman she met at this shop previously.

The one who resembled Rachel William and who she has inquired about during her last visit to the nursing home.

She asked if the woman could be Rachel’s younger or older sibling.

Rachel did not give her a straight answer.

“I was very young back then so I’m not in the know about a lot of things. But there seems to be someone who looks like me, or so I’ve heard.”

After hearing Rachel’s reply, Evelyn wanted nothing more than to meet that woman again, and ask if she had a sister.

She hoped to be able to gain the strength of kinship.

It would be good to have some stable support, seeing that she was already working toward approaching Finnick.

With that in place, it would surely put her in good stead to win Finnick over.

Unfortunately, things did not pan out as she hoped. She stayed on at the shop long after Hunter left, but without chancing upon that assumed relative of hers.

She continued to wait on, but to no avail. The sun set on her before she resignedly returned to the nursing home.

“You’re back.” Rachel appeared pleased when she saw her daughter walk in.

“Do you have a twin, Mom? I really want to reunite you with family,” Evelyn looked at Rachel as she tried to get her mother to divulge more.

“I’m really not sure, but I don’t need any relatives. I’m happy just to have you.” Rachel was heartened at Evelyn’s consideration for her.

“But I’m not. Can’t I do something for you?” Evelyn howled.

Rachel was taken aback by this sudden outburst. The Evelyn she remembered was not like this at all.

She chose to keep her opinions to herself, and could only look at Evelyn helplessly.

“I have no idea whether I have a twin, Evelyn. I’ve never met her as an adult,” Rachel replied in earnest.

“I see. Don’t mind me, Mom. I got a little carried away there.”

Without waiting for Rachel to respond, Evelyn made her way inside the house to rest.

Evelyn was restless as she lay on the bed. She badly needed a strong backer at this juncture.

She decided that she must make another trip down to that coffee shop, hopefully with better luck this time.

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