Never Late, Never Away Chapter 845

As dawn broke over the horizon, a man was seen still seated by the window. It was Finnick.

Yes, he had not slept a wink all night.

He spent the entire time sorting out his work, albeit fruitlessly.

“It’s been a long night. You ought to go get some rest.,” Vivian said as she passed a glass of warm milk along.

“Why are you up so early?” Finnick turned to regard her affectionately. His weariness seemingly dissipated in an instant.

The sight of the people one wanted to see the most tend to have that psychological effect, no matter how rough a time one was going through.

“I got up because I couldn’t sleep.”

Vivian’s heart ached at the sight of the puffiness and dark rings under Finnick’s eyes.

Why must they be made to undergo this ordeal right after life has started to become a little more settled for them?

Vivian had no answer for that and did not hope for an explanation either. All she knew was that she needed to be rid of these problems so that they may have some days of solace.

Regardless, there were pressing issues that had to be addressed first.

“Go on and get some sleep. I’m going to get some groceries.”

Vivian wanted to make sure Finnick was properly nourished.

Spending long nights like these would surely take its toll on his body otherwise.

“Okay, be careful out there,” Finnick said gently as he held her hand.

Vivian acknowledged that under her breath as she watched Finnick settle himself into the bed. She then drove out in the car.

Not to the market, but to the Morrison residence.

In her esteem, the only recourse for a comeback was by recompensing the losses the company incurred.

With their own money close to being depleted, she could only approach Benedict behind his husband’s back.

She would also like to see if her brother would be willing to aid them covertly. That might offer them some hope of saving the company.

With this in mind, Vivian stepped on the gas and headed for the Morrisons.

“Miss, you’ve returned,” said the helper who met her at the door.

“Yes. Is Ben around?” Vivian went straight to the point as time was of the essence.

Finnick was at home and might come to at any moment.

She had to secure the money and have the meal prepared before then.

“I’m sure you’ve heard about the company’s situation,” Vivian said as she approached Ben when he was coming down from the opposite direction.

“Yeah. I know.” He frowned when he saw his younger sister looking a little worse for wear.

With the state the company was in, Finnick could not really be faulted for his inability to take care of her.

“Since you know, Ben, do lend us some money.” Vivian looked to her brother as he was the only one who would be able to help right now.

“I’ve no problems extending a loan, but there’s not much else I could do beyond that as there are many companies eyeing a takeover of Finnor Group. We might be capable, but there are simply too many for us to fend off.”

Vivian understood the difficulties cited by Benedict on the part of Morrison Group.

That was why she needed only a small loan from him.

“I’m so sorry that I couldn’t do more to help, Vivian.”

He had a pained expression on his face as he regarded Vivian.

There was no way he could be happy seeing the hardship his sister had to contend with. Nonetheless, he could not risk having Morrison Group fail on his watch.

“It’s okay, Ben. I understand,” Vivian said as she eked out a smile.

“Silly girl.” Benedict ruffled Vivian’s hair before he went upstairs and came back down with a check for her.

Vivian was stunned to see the numbers written on it.

“Why is there so much?” Vivian looked at her brother in disbelief.

She knew that he would help, but did not expect that he would offer this amount.

“This was what I’ve set aside all this time as a wedding gift for you. Looks like it might come in handy now.”

Vivian felt awful as she recollected Benedict’s expression while she sat in the car.

What was meant as a wedding gift for her had to be used on the company instead.

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