Never Late, Never Away Chapter 847

“Let’s try to keep this between us.”

Vivian hoped that Noah would be able to see to this on her behalf.

“Understood.” Noah nodded. He did not think too much of it as it was all for Finnick’s benefit.

Vivian’s lips lifted in delight when he agreed and promptly let him and Larry be on their way.

In the interim, Vivian went round to the study several times to check in on Finnick. He was hard at work trying to address the company’s deficit.

She quietly exited when she saw no change in his expression.

It was awful for Vivian, being helpless to do anything. Even her brother, the only one who might be able to aid her, had his hands tied.

The woman could only sit herself in bed and wait for when it was time to prepare lunch for her husband.

While this was happening, Evelyn carried on waiting at the coffee shop, day after day, without meeting the person she was longing to see.

She made a call to Hunter, hoping that he would be able to look into the person’s identity.

Unfortunately, she had nothing to go on apart from the woman’s looks.

On top of it, a man in Hunter’s position could not possibly be expected to help, as the nature of their cooperation was impersonal.

Hunter had neither the time nor the enthusiasm to expend on an endeavor that did not serve his ends.

As upset as Evelyn was over this, there was nothing she could do to him at the present time.

She still needed his financial support, and would only be at the losing end were she to fall out of his good graces.

With the scheme now into the home stretch, Finnick’s company was certain to go into administration.

Evelyn was considered expendable now that Hunter had already gotten what he wanted.

But unlike Evelyn herself, Hunter was arguably a much better team player.

Despite being aware of that, Evelyn dared not let her guard down around him.

Right now, all she could do was wait on her own.

While Evelyn’s patience came to nothing, Finnick was to receive three visitors.

Thud. Thud. Thud. Finnick heard rapping upon the door, but ignored it because he knew that Mrs. Filder was around.

And when she did answer, she got a fright.

The visitors were no ordinary people, but police officers.

“Hello Ma’am, may we speak to Mr. Norton?” the officer asked as he produced his badge.

Mrs. Filder was aware that there was a situation with the Norton family’s business but did not think that the police might somehow become involved.

“Yes. He’s upstairs,” the elderly woman stuttered before she led them up.

Finnick certainly heard the commotion and got to his feet to open the door to the study.

“Hello. We’re the police.” The officer regarded Finnick staidly.

“Hello, officer. What can I do for you?” Finnick’s brows perked up as he asked.

Apart from the company’s financial woes, he could not imagine how he could be involved in anything illegal.

“We are under orders to take you in for involvement in stock fraud. Here is our warrant.” The officer placed it in front of Finnick, who became shocked after inspecting it.

The details and photograph appended were indeed his.

He could not for the life of him understand when he might have broken the law.

As far as he was concerned, he was not complicit in any form of stock manipulation.

Finnick looked at the police officers, completely bamboozled.

“Could you have gotten the wrong man, officers? I’ve done no such thing,” Finnick tried to remonstrate.

He did not want the police to make a wrongful arrest. More crucially, he did not want to be turned into anyone’s scapegoat.

Vivian was awoken from her sleep in the room next door by the activity inside the house and hastened to come over to the study.

“Officer, I would like to know what my husband is being arrested for.”

The first thing she did when she stepped in was to put herself between Finnick and the police officers.

Because should Finnick be taken away, all would be lost.

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