Never Late, Never Away Chapter 849

I have to find evidence. I have to get him out of there! It’s the only way that our family can be whole again.

Vivian frantically skittered into Finnick’s study. She couldn’t care less that she tripped and stumbled into the pillar and the furniture; not even the lengthy cut on her calf could stop her from finding the truth.

She needed to save Finnick and fast because the company urgently needed his help.

Vivian phoned Noah, who was dealing with matters at the company, and urged for his immediate assistance. “Noah, hurry over. Finnick’s been taken by the police.”

With that, Noah hopped into his car and drove in haste.

Once he got there, he took one look at the empty living room and knew that Vivian must have been in the study. Mr. Norton’s arrested… Mrs. Norton must be digging for evidence in his study.

At this thought, Noah sprinted into the study and saw smudges of red all over the floors and on Vivian.

Vivian was sprawled on the ground with purplish bruises and different-sized cuts sliced into her leg, some still oozing blood.

Noah stiffened for a split second before hurrying to help Vivian up onto her feet. While doing this, he pulled out his phone and called the hospital.

Soon after, an ambulance arrived to collect Vivian, who lay resting on the couch.

Noah frantically followed along.

He felt like the weight of the world was on his shoulders, and that weight would only grow if anything bad happened to Vivian while Finnick was arrested.

In the ambulance, Vivian was so consumed by grief that she kept calling out to Finnick. Unfortunately, she knew that her cries were in vain because there was no way that Finnick could be there.

Noah felt a bitter ache in his chest. It’s bad enough that Mr. Norton got framed and arrested. Now, to make things worse, Mrs. Norton is in a difficult situation.

Noah knew it was a hard pill to swallow, but he needed to be strong, especially since Finnick couldn’t be by Mrs. Norton’s side.

Therefore, he had to take care of Mrs. Norton. He would keep her safe and unharmed until Mr. Norton returned.

Noah lowered his head to look at Vivian, whose eyebrows were tightly knit whilst she mumbled something.

But Noah knew that she was most definitely saying Mr. Norton’s name.

Seeing her in so much grief, Noah couldn’t help but ache for her too. He asked the nurse, “Could you help massage Mrs. Norton’s brows to soothe her?”

After all, he was a man; he felt like it wasn’t appropriate for him to engage physically with a distressed Vivian, so he turned to the nurse’s aid.

“Sure,” the nurse answered him as she gently massaged Vivian’s tense brows.

“You really care for Mrs. Norton, huh?”

“Yeah. Mr. Norton’s not around, so I have to take good care of Mrs. Norton. Thanks for helping.”

Truth be told, Noah didn’t really like socializing with strangers. He only made an exception to chitchat just this once since the nurse had agreed to help soothe Mrs. Norton.

The nurse could also tell that he wasn’t much of a talker, so she went about her task in silence whilst occasionally glancing curiously at Noah.

They soon arrived at the hospital. Seeing Vivian’s drastic blood loss, the nurse transferred Vivian onto a stretcher and rushed her into the ER for immediate treatment.

Noah anxiously waited outside the ER as his eyes glued onto the illuminated sign, waiting for it to signal once the surgery ended.

“Calm down, Sir. Take a seat here and have some water.”

The nurse from earlier gave him a cup of water to settle his frenzied nerves.

“Thanks,” Noah uttered absentmindedly whilst giving a quick look at the nurse. Then he ignored her and went on to nervously pace in front of the ER doors.

The nurse gave a defeated look at him before silently leaving.

Not long after, the ER sign dimmed.

Vivian’s surgery must have ended, Noah thought as he attentively looked around for any updates. Once he noticed a doctor exiting the ER, he rushed over to grab hold of that doctor’s arm.

“Doctor, how’s Mrs. Norton?”

The doctor glanced at Noah and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose before saying, “The surgery went well. However, the patient lost a lot of blood, so she’ll need a long and proper rest.”

A wave of relief washed over Noah as his jaw unclenched and the tension in his limbs loosened.

After hearing that Vivian was out of harm’s way, Noah collapsed onto the chair.

Thank goodness, Noah muttered silently in relief.

Then he saw Mrs. Norton being aided by a nurse as they walked out of the ER.

“Mrs. Norton! Mrs. Norton, how are you feeling?”

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