Never Late, Never Away Chapter 850

Noah hurriedly approached Vivian, whose head was surprisingly wrapped in thick layers of bandages. That’s odd, he thought.

He recalled that he only saw injuries on Vivian’s legs earlier. So where did this head injury come from?

Noah stared at her confoundedly but decided against asking.

“I’m fine,” Vivian answered. Sensing Noah’s confusion, she explained, “I thought that had only injured my leg at the time. I didn’t notice that there was a serious head injury on me until now.”

Vivian smiled faintly. This small act gave liveliness to her otherwise paled complexion from the surgery.

The nurse aiding her wore a uniform-like smile and explained, “Sir, this madam has just got out of a critical condition. We’ll begin with the hospitalization procedures so that we can monitor her for a couple of days. If everything checks out, then she’ll be out of here in no time.”

“Alright, thank you.” Noah and the nurse helped Vivian into her ward and onto her assigned bed. Once she was settled in, he left to complete the necessary forms and payments for the hospitalization procedures.

On his way, Noah ran into the nurse from the ambulance earlier.

“Sir, do you need some water?” The nurse cast a soft gaze, widening her eyes slightly in anticipation.

“No, thank you.”

Noah wanted to walk past the nurse, but she blocked his path head-on.

“Sir, I don’t think I’ve introduced myself yet. I’m Ivana.”

Ivana stared brazenly at him. It was as if her eyes were made of crystals or polished gemstones—they sparkled at him.

A simple “Mhm” grumbled from Noah. He was rushing to complete the hospitalization procedures so that he could get back to Vivian sooner. He couldn’t risk anything happening to her whilst he was away because the consequences would be too heavy a responsibility to wield.

Likewise, this responsibility was not something that the little nurse before him could afford to bear.

“Sir, perhaps—”

“Get out of the way!” Noah interrupted with a deep orotund tone. It sent chills down her neck and froze her in shock.

Noah was never a hotheaded man, but he had to be harsher now that Vivian’s wellbeing was involved.

Conflicted thoughts surged in Noah’s mind, rationalizing his heartlessness. It doesn’t matter if this nurse is a young, harmless lady. It doesn’t matter that this nurse helped Vivian earlier.

Ivana eventually recovered from her shock and said, “I’m not done speaking, sir.” But before these words fully came out of her mouth, Noah had already left her in the dust.

Seeing his back broad back shrink into the distance, she sighed dreamily to herself, “He’s so hot!”

Truth be told, Ivana had fallen for the ice-cold Noah from the moment she first saw him. However, she was too preoccupied at the time to make a move; she needed to fulfill her nursing duties by lifting the patient onto the ambulance as quickly as she could.

Then suddenly, halfway to the hospital, Noah had asked for Ivana’s help. That was the first time she heard his voice, which had a smokiness that drew her in completely like a magnet.

Despite Noah’s indifference when speaking to others, Ivana believed the best in him. She believed that deep beneath that frosty exterior was an extremely loyal and considerate man.

Those beliefs were proven true now as Noah rushed to care for Mrs. Norton. This was the ideal man that Ivana wanted in her life.

Ivana didn’t care how ridiculous her actions seemed, how Noah didn’t give a fig about her now; she would go the extra mile and work twice as hard to make him fall for her.

Fantasizing about that, Ivana cracked a jittery smile.

After completing the procedures, Noah returned to Vivian’s ward and saw her lying on the hospital bed. He was at a loss for what to say. It took a while before he thought of something and spoke.

“Mrs. Norton, w-would you like something to eat?”

She must be starving, Noah thought worriedly as he recalled how long it’s been since he received her urgent call. Feet shuffling with concern, he considered going out to buy some food.

“No, I already had some breakfast.” Vivian couldn’t help but smile at Noah, who looked visibly bothered. She continued with soft laughter laced in her voice, ”I’m not hungry yet.”

Vivian knew that Finnick would be stuck at the police station for some time, but she told herself that she needed to stay positive.

Otherwise, Finnick would be upset if he came back and saw that I had worried myself sick.

“Alright. Since you’re not hungry, I’ll stay here with you.” Noah didn’t know how or what he should do to comfort her; all he could do was stay by her side and keep her company.

Vivian nodded at him without any objection.

Suddenly, Noah remembered that there was still unfinished business between them. He asked, ”Mrs. Norton, what did you call me for earlier today?”

He figured he might as well find out and complete whatever tasks she had for him. Since he had nothing better to do, he would much rather find ways to help get Finnick out of jail.

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