Never Late, Never Away Chapter 851

“Yeah, it’s nothing much. I just wanted you to check on the company’s stock situation and find out what happened. Also, we could look into our stockholders for more information.”

Vivian poured her thoughts onto him.

We have to investigate and find out the truth as quickly as we can. Only then can Finnick return to us sooner.

“That will take quite a while to execute,” Noah uttered in concern.

He wasn’t entirely sure if Vivian’s extensive plan was doable. Now that Vivian was bedridden, Noah was unable to leave her side. He couldn’t risk leaving Vivian in someone else’s care.

At the same time, he felt uneasy about letting someone else investigate the stock situation as the whole thing crucially affected Finnick’s outcome in trial.

The pros and cons of these two options crushed down onto a troubled Noah.

Vivian immediately knew what was on Noah’s mind. She readied her phone to call Ms. Booker and said to him, “Don’t worry. I’ll phone Ms. Booker and have her come over to take care of me.”

It wasn’t long before Ms. Booker rushed over.

Noah stayed for a bit to examine the housemaid’s capabilities until he felt more assured that Vivian was in good hands.

“Alright. I’ll head off to deal with the matter now, Mrs. Norton. Please contact me if anything happens.” Noah looked at her for one final assurance before leaving.

Just as he walked out the door, Ivana approached him and asked, “Where are you going, Sir?”

Noah helplessly massaged his brows as he eyed the oddly adorable nurse before him.

“I’m off to run some errands. Leave me alone, won’t you?” Noah spoke straightforwardly. He brimmed with anxiety, knowing that Finnick was still detained at the police station; he didn’t want to waste his breath talking to idlers.

“Will you be back?”


Noah wanted to reject Ivana’s pursuit then and there. However, he couldn’t quite bring himself to refuse those bright and optimistically round eyes of hers.

“Alright then, you go ahead.” Reassured that he would be back, Ivana nudged him away and hoped that he would return sooner if he left for his errands now.

Despite being helpless against her, Noah was too pressed for time to continue their chat. So he left straight for the door.

“Ivana, could you go replace Vivian’s saline?” Another nurse suggested playfully.

The nurse originally intended to replace Vivian’s saline fluids but changed her mind after seeing Ivana return to the nurses’ station.

Ivana rolled her eyes at the nurse’s teasing. She grabbed a new saline IV bag and jovially skipped away to Vivian’s ward.

Knock. knock. knock. Ivana knocked thrice before entering.

“Hello, I’m here to replace your saline fluids.”

Ivana swiftly carried out her task and hung up a brand new saline IV bag. Once she was done, her eyes swept across the room. I guess that man wasn’t lying about being busy.

He must really be swamped with work to have a housemaid watch over Ms. Norton whilst he’s away on errands.

“Mrs. Norton? I hope it’s alright for me to ask… what’s the name of that man you were with?”

Although Ivana knew that her behavior was inappropriate, she couldn’t suppress the eagerness that tightened in her chest.

Vivian eyed the young nurse and instantly saw through the nurse’s thoughts.

However, she didn’t have the heart to say more than needed, so she succinctly stated Noah’s name.

“I see. Thank you,” Ivana replied. Now that she got what she came for, she was content and ready to leave. “If you’ll excuse me.”

She practically leaped over the threshold with glee, then closed the door to Vivian’s room.

Meanwhile, Noah managed to track down some of the stockholders who stirred up the most trouble. He posed as an unrelated outsider and asked them why they were so upset.

At first, he assumed that these stockholders were making trouble out of nothing, but it turns out they had their reasons.

“Do you even have to ask? Us stockholders were all scammed by Finnor Group. Initially, we saw that their stock prices kept soaring; but once we invested everything we had, the prices suddenly plummeted, and we lost all our assets overnight.”

The man explained whilst on the brink of tears as Noah patted his back comfortingly. After this, Noah interrogated a couple of others and found that this man’s situation was better than most.

Other stockholders had resorted to loaning their neighbor’s money, thinking that it was a golden opportunity to maximize income from their stock investments.

Unfortunately, none of them expected Finnor Group to lower their stock prices so suddenly. Not everyone reacted well to this; some couldn’t take the hit and ended up losing their minds.

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