Never Late, Never Away Chapter 853

Unexpectedly, Hunter dumped some money on the table before declaring, “I can help save anyone you ask me to, just not Finnick. So forget it.”

Then he walked off, leaving Evelyn stupefied in a daze.

That’s right! I asked him to rescue Finnick! Finnick—His romantic rival! Why on earth would he agree to help me? God, I made a mistake…

Evelyn snorted, laughing bitterly at her foolish self.

Am I just asking for trouble at this point? She single-handedly brought Finnick’s company to the ground, driving it to bankruptcy and sending Finnick, its president, to jail.

Just as Evelyn sank into the pits of despair, someone approached her and asked, “Miss, are you alright?”

Evelyn’s every movement skidded to a halt.


She was the woman that greatly resembled Rachel. Now, the woman stood before Evelyn and was asking her if she was alright.

Evelyn blinked at the woman’s glamorously classy appearance; she eyed the LV bag that was looped in on the woman’s hand and recognized the signature smell of Chanel’s cosmetic line that the woman wore on her face.

“Mom,” Evelyn deliberately slurred her words in a drunken-like manner. Evelyn had hoped that maybe she could discover more something about the woman.

“Silly child, I’m not your mother.” The woman clarified softly as she frowned at Evelyn, pitying her. “Just call me Ms. Ferguson.”

To Ms. Ferguson, Evelyn looked like a frightened child who had lost her mother. This sight was enough to evoke a sense of motherly love from Ms. Ferguson. So she allowed Evelyn to call her ‘Ms. Ferguson’.

“Ms. Ferguson? Can I ask if you have a twin sister?” Evelyn asked curiously, shaking her head to act that she had sobered up.

This bewildered Ms. Ferguson, who stilled whilst her mind thought long and hard about the question.

“Why do you ask…?” Ms. Ferguson finally spoke. Feeling unsettled by Evelyn’s question, Ms. Ferguson stared at her with narrowed, examining eyes.

“Actually, my mom looks a lot like you, so I was curious if the two of you are sisters.” Evelyn didn’t lie; she locked eyes with Ms. Ferguson and answered sincerely.

“Oh? Looks a lot like me?” Ms. Ferguson’s interest was piqued.

She also finally understood why the young lady kept referring to her as “mom”.

“Do you have some time on your hands? Maybe we could pay a visit to my mom? You’ll understand what I mean when you see her,” Evelyn invited. She successfully caught Ms. Ferguson’s attention.

I’ll know whether they’re sisters once they meet each other.

If they’re not, then at least Ms. Ferguson and I will share a friendly kinship from this experience. But if they are sisters, then we’ll be considered family.

Either way, this will benefit me greatly.

Evelyn mapped out and calculated the plan in her mind. Then she beamed with a mixture of hope and excitement at Ms. Ferguson.

To her joy, Ms. Ferguson also seemed like she was interested in going. It wasn’t long before Ms. Ferguson agreed, “Alright. It’s not like I have anything better to do anyway. I’ll go with you then.”

Meanwhile, an authoritative policeman stared Finnick down in a matchbox-sized interrogation room.

“Finnick, do you have anything to say about your illegal involvement with stock frauds?” He interrogated.

“Yeah. I’m saying that I didn’t do it.” Finnick boldly met the policeman’s gaze with a stone-cold expression. There was no way in hell that he would admit to something that he didn’t do.

The policeman reacted negatively to Finnick’s smug retort. He slammed the table and roared, “Your lips may be as tight as a clam’s, but you’re already in jail. Now, what else do you have to say?”

The incident had caused a stir amongst the policeman’s superiors. With tension rising, they released orders for the policeman to figure out the incident’s real cause within three days.

However, Finnick pleaded not guilty and had prolonged the course of his trial. So it only made sense that the policeman was furious at him.

He had hoped to deal with the case as soon as possible so that he could report back to his superiors. Yet, now the task seemed nothing short of impossible.

“If being in jail makes me automatically guilty, then I suggest you conduct a better investigation before questioning me. I know my rights, and I don’t have to explain anything to you.” Finnick’s eyes locked onto the policeman before him. He knew exactly what the policeman planned to do.

But Finnick refused to allow it. He’s interrogating me without bothering to investigate the full story; does he think that he can force me into confessing to the crime?

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