Never Late, Never Away Chapter 854

Finnick wasn’t that kind of person and would never become one.

Other than glaring angrily at him, the police officer couldn’t do anything else.

Meanwhile, Vivian was lying in bed when she suddenly sneezed, causing the maid to assume she had caught a cold. Hence, she helped cover Vivian with a blanket.

However, Vivian waved to indicate that she was fine.

Somehow, she could feel a sense of dread, as if something bad was about to befall Finnick.

However, now that the video has been sent in, what else can it be?

After giving it some thought, Vivian figured that if there were still problems, they would have to find Evelyn and get her to be a witness.

Hence, she wondered where Evelyn could be at that moment. Suddenly, a place flashed in her mind.

It was Rachel’s nursing home.

Vivian had visited Rachel at her nursing home before and Rachel’s attitude toward her was unusually good.

“Vivian, how have you been?”

“I’m alright.”

“In that case, do you have anything unhappy to tell me so that I can share your burden with you?”

“There’s no need to, thanks.”

“Vivian, please don’t hold it against me. I admit I was biased toward Evelyn. However, you have to understand why I behaved that way.”


She had a strong impression of what happened at the nursing home because of how unusually well Rachel treated her.

It wasn’t because Vivian was paranoid and doubted anyone who treated her well.

Instead, it was because Rachel was always nasty to her ever since she found out it was Vivian that forced Evelyn to leave.

All this while, she behaved in the same manner except for then…

As Vivian continued to recall, the scenes from that time began to emerge in her mind.

“Why is there a bed here?” Vivian asked when she realized a bed had been added to the room.

This is a single room with no one else staying. So who is the bed for?

“It’s for an old lady that stays with me. I was feeling too lonely so I asked for someone to keep me company.”

At that time, there was nothing suspicious about Rachel’s answer. It did make sense for her to find a roommate to keep her from feeling lonely.

However, she missed out one thing.

The sheets on the bed were pink, the kind a young lady would use.

It may not have occurred to Rachel, but it did so to Vivian.

Perhaps the owner of the bed really liked pink and it had nothing to do with age. But come to think of it now, it was indeed a valid point of suspicion.

Therefore, Evelyn must be living at Rachel’s nursing home.

“Noah, come back here.” Holding that thought, Vivian instructed Noah to return so that she could ask him some questions.

Meanwhile, Evelyn had arrived at the nursing home’s entrance without encountering any obstacles.

“Is your mom living here?” Fiona was stunned to see that they had arrived at a nursing home.

It wasn’t because she looked down upon those that stayed in there, it was just that she was opinionated about them.

“Mmm-hmm. That’s right. We’re broke, so we have to stay here,” Evelyn replied awkwardly.

She hid the fact that she couldn’t even afford the expenses for the nursing home from Fiona.

“Alright, let’s head inside then.” All Fiona wanted to do was to quickly visit Rachel. Other than that, there wasn’t any need for her to be there.

“Mom, look who’s here?” Evelyn led Fiona into the room and saw Rachel sitting on the bed.

When Rachel saw the person beside Evelyn, she was stunned.

“This…” Rachel didn’t know what to say to show how surprised she was.

“Hello, you must be Evelyn’s mom. It appears both of us look very much alike?” Fiona greeted Rachel cordially.

Both of their actions and demeanor were different but their features were almost the same. However, a simple action itself was sufficient to differentiate between the two.

“Mmm-hmm, I am.” Rachel stared at Fiona in shock.

The next moment, she understood what was going on.

“I’m sure that Evelyn has told you about this? I do not have a twin and neither any sisters.” As Rachel listened to Fiona, she gave Evelyn a remorseful look.

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