Never Late, Never Away Chapter 856

Furrowing his eyebrows, Noah felt that there must be some tracks left behind. Hence, he decided to search the room himself.

Noticing a suspicious spot, he felt that a person could hide in there. Hence, he slowly walked toward…

At that moment, everyone held their breath nervously as Noah walked ahead step by step.

Suddenly, when he opened the door, he saw that it was just a place for dirty laundry. After circling the surrounding area, he didn’t find anything else suspicious. With that, he turned and left.

“Evelyn, come out.” After he was gone, Rachel informed Evelyn it was safe to come out.

“Evelyn, where did you hide just now? I was so worried about you.” Rachel sympathized with her when she saw the dust on Evelyn’s face.

“I was hiding underneath the wardrobe.”

The wardrobe in the nursing home looked similar to the bed. Hence, unless one was to scrutinize closely, one would not notice that there was a gap in between.

Feeling anxious just now, Evelyn had crawled underneath it.

Luckily, she managed to hide in time. Or else, it would be the end of her if Noah had found her.

Evelyn was not a fool. She was cognizant that once she appeared, Finnick would be released from prison.

“Sigh, I don’t understand why Vivian is doing this. Despite how desperate you have become, she still isn’t willing to let you off.” When Rachel saw how her daughter was being hunted, she began to resent Vivian’s actions.

“Mom, I’m fine. All I need to do is be more careful and not fall into Vivian’s trap.” Evelyn pretended to look at Rachel with a caring expression.

When in reality, she figured that Rachel was still of use to her.

If Vivian did something to Rachel, she would then have no place left to go.

Therefore, Rachel was now her strongest asset and it would be great if Fiona was also among them.

Meanwhile, Noah returned to the hospital empty-handed. Before he reached Vivian’s ward, he saw Ivana standing by the door.

He quickly walked away so that he could avoid her. However, in spite of his attempts at hiding from her, there was just no escape.

“Hey, Noah! Wait for me.” Ivana ran after Noah and crashed into him.

“Why did you stop all of a sudden?” Ivana glared at him as she rubbed her painful nose.

“How did you know my name?” Noah remembered that he never told her his name.

How did Ivana find out?

Noah was puzzled.

“I’m so smart to have guessed it.” Ivana flicked her head and looked at Noah thinking that she looked cool doing so.

In reality, she looked no different than a ruffian when she did it.

When Noah didn’t get a proper answer from her, he turned and walked away.

He had no time to waste with Ivana as he needed to report back to Vivian. He wanted to know if there was a change in plans to save Finnick and what he needed to do next.

“Sigh, don’t go. Can’t you give me a second to speak to you?”

Ivana tried to stop Noah when she saw that he was leaving.

Hindered by Ivana, Noah had no choice but to look at her. She stepped forward, bringing them closer to each other. All it took was one more step and they would…

That was the plan in Ivana’s mind. The next moment, she turned it into action.

Taking one more step, she kissed Noah and turned to leave with her cheeks blushing red.

Noah was left there standing, unsure of how to react.

Stunned, Noah touched where she had just kissed him.

That was the first time he was ever kissed by a girl.

After regaining his senses, he remembered that he still had a lot to do.

He quickly rushed toward Vivian’s ward.

After knocking on the door and getting her permission, Noah entered the room.

“Mrs. Norton, I have checked the nursing home but couldn’t find Evelyn. Are you sure she’s there?”

His men had searched the entire building but there was no sign of Evelyn. Noah couldn’t help but doubt Vivian’s analysis and that Evelyn wasn’t even there.

To him, Evelyn was someone aloof and would never lower herself to hide in the nursing home.

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