Never Late, Never Away Chapter 857

However, it was Noah that was wrong. Evelyn wanted to get back with Finnick by hook or by crook.

She not only had a refuge in the nursing home but could also manipulate Rachel to contain Vivian.

Hence, she would be a fool not to take advantage of such a situation.

“Impossible. She has nowhere else to go other than staying by Rachel’s side.” Vivian was sure that her judgment was correct. However, she was puzzled as to why Evelyn still couldn’t be found.

I must either have been wrong or missed out on something.

As of now, finding Evelyn was the only way left to save Finnick. Or else, he would be done for.

With her eyes darting frantically around, Vivian racked her brains to see where she went wrong.

“Mrs. Norton, calm down. Don’t force yourself.” Noah was aware of the immense pressure Vivian was under. Furthermore, she was still recovering from her injury and shouldn’t be putting her mind under such stress.

“I’m fine. It’s Finnick that I’m more concerned about.” Vivian was no longer paying attention to what she was saying. Her mind was rapidly cycling through the different possibilities.

When he saw how worried she was, Noah didn’t even know what to say to reassure her.

All he could do was walk out in search of some snacks and drinks for her.

“Noah.” The moment he left the ward, he saw Ivana again.

“Why are you stalking me? Don’t you have anything else better to do?” When he saw her smiling cheerfully, he recalled what had just happened and blushed.

“Hey, where are you going?” Noah wanted to keep some distance between both of them as now wasn’t the time to mess around.

“Going to get Mrs. Norton a drink.” Noah was aware that if he ignored Ivana, she would just continue to cling to him.

Therefore, he decided to give her a proper answer.

“Oh, I’ll come along with you.” Looking at Noah, she threaded her hand around his arm and walked with him.

“L-let go of me.” Noah felt that she was brazenly coming onto him.

“No way.” Looking at Noah, Ivana stuck her tongue out at him, causing him to be stunned.

Having never been treated this way before, Noah didn’t know what to do with the beautiful lady in his arms.

All he wanted to do now was to return quickly after buying what he needed.

Observing his reaction, Ivana was well aware of how shy Noah was.

Giggling to herself, she tightened her grip on Noah instead.

Meanwhile, in a café, Evelyn was looking at Hunter.

“Now, shouldn’t you be giving me some money so that I can have a better life?”

After all, she had helped Hunter get Finnick out of the way. Hence, she felt that she deserved a reward from him.

“Here, take this.”

Hunter handed her a check for a hundred thousand but she replied in displeasure, “Hunter, don’t forget about how we are connected. How can you give me so little every month? This is inhumane.”

Evelyn stared at the check in front of her. Does he think I’m a beggar? The thought alone outraged her.

However, Hunter commented, “This isn’t monthly. This is the last one I’m giving you. During the time we cooperated with each other, you have milked a lot of money from me. It would easily have been five hundred thousand to one million.”

He added, “Furthermore, I am not obliged to take care of you. From now on, you’re on your own.” Hunter straightened his sleeves and left a hundred on the table for the drinks.

To him, they were equal partners in their previous cooperation. He used to give her an allowance because she was in a position to help him.

However, now that she had intentions to harm Vivian, he wanted to nip it in the bud.

No one was allowed to touch Vivian. Even Evelyn had no authority to do so.

Holding that thought, Hunter smiled and planned to head to the hospital.

Evelyn had told him that Vivian was in the hospital as she had injured her head by accident.

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