Never Late, Never Away Chapter 858

Now that Finnick wasn’t around, he would be able to visit her. He even wondered if she would fall for him if he played the role of knight in shining armor.

Holding that thought, Hunter started to fantasize about Vivian throwing herself into his arms.

Hence, he bought a bouquet of roses before proceeding to the hospital.

Noah had just returned with the drinks and wanted to rid himself of Ivana when he saw Hunter.

“Let go of me!” Right after he shook Ivana’s hand away, he followed Hunter from behind.

It wasn’t until he saw Hunter enter Vivian’s ward that he realized he was here to see her.

“Hey, where are you going?” Ivana followed Noah. When she saw that he was about to enter the ward, she grabbed him and wanted him to explain.

“There’s no time now, I’ll explain later,” Noah told her nicely. Surprised by his cordial attitude, she nodded and let him go.

“Vivian, I’m here to see you.” When he entered the ward, he saw Vivian whom he had been fantasizing about all this while.

“There’s no reason for you to be here. Please leave.” Noah entered and ushered Hunter out with a glare.

Recognizing that Noah was Finnick’s bodyguard, Hunter didn’t bother to show any respect.

“Hmph! Does the Norton family’s dog bite?”

Just as he spoke, he sat down on the sofa, thinking that he looked chivalrous by doing so.

“Mr. Yates, although you are someone influential, it doesn’t mean you can walk all over the Norton family.” Vivian snapped at Hunter’s words.

She glared at Hunter who was in a confrontational mood. If he hadn’t said those words, she would have been more considerate of his pride.

However, since he started being vulgar, there was no need for her to show him any respect.

“Vivian, how can you say that? Finnick is already in jail. And yet you still see yourself as a Norton?”

Hunter was stung by Vivian’s words.

Did she just admit that she is a member of the Norton family? Doesn’t the fact that they are on the brink of bankruptcy change her mind?

“Noah, please wait outside,” Vivian instructed Noah who was fuming by the side.

It wasn’t because she had anything private to say. Instead, she was going to say something humiliating to Hunter’s face.

“But Mrs. Norton…” Noah was worried that Hunter would do something toward Vivian. However, Vivian shook her head and motioned to him that she would be fine.

“Alright.” Given how insistent she was, Noah had no choice but to leave the room.

“Hey, why did you come out?” Ivana asked when coincidentally pass by the ward.

“Mmm-hmm.” Noah looked at Ivana as he passed her a drink.

He sympathized with how tired she must be after working the whole day in the hospital alone.

“Thank you.” Receiving the drink happily, she let out a wide grin at Noah.

Looking at her, he realized that she was actually quite pretty especially when she smiled. Her smile somehow had the ability to warm his heart.

This was a sensation that he never felt from other girls. Ivana was the only girl who gave him comfort when she smiled.

“Just now, you promised to tell me about that man. Now would be a good time to keep that promise?” Ivana asked curiously as she took a sip from the drink he had passed her and sat down beside him.

She wasn’t being nosy. All she wanted was to make some small talk to break the ice.

After all, it was normal to find a topic of common interest with one’s crush to chat.

Only then can both their relationship proceed to the next level.

This was what Ivana had read about in her romance novels. She figured it was time to test out their theories and see if they were true.

“Sure.” Facing her, Noah slowly related to her the story about Vivian, Hunter, and Finnick and how they were all interconnected.

Including his own betrayal, he explained everything in detail.

“You’re really cool.” When he was done with his story, Ivana looked at him in awe.

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