Never Late, Never Away Chapter 859

Noah looked at Ivana helplessly.

Are women all like that? Do they start swooning over men over something as minor as this?

Wait… swooning…

Can it be…

Staring at her while he had an epiphany, he gasped, “Do… do you have a crush on me?”

Noah was someone forthright. He didn’t understand the nuances of what was appropriate to say in a relationship.

He would blurt out whatever that came to his mind. Hence, when Noah threw her the question, Ivana who was swooning halfway sprang to her feet.

“How do you know?”

Just as she spoke, even she was stunned.

Isn’t that the equivalent of admitting that I like him?

Ivana was stumped as it was too late for regrets. Running away as she always did wouldn’t do her any good either.

Hence, she had no choice but to bravely admit it.

Meanwhile, Vivian and Hunter’s conversation seemed to be heated.

“Vivian, come with me. I can give you a good life,” Hunter pleaded sincerely. He was just one step away from dropping to his knees and begging.

However, love could never be forced. There was no way Vivian would choose to be with someone she had no feelings for just for the sake of money.

Furthermore, Finnick was still in prison and she would never do something as unprincipled as betraying him when he was down.

“Hunter, even if Finnick is locked in there forever, I will never be with you.”

Vivian felt that she was decisive enough with him the last time. Hence, she was puzzled as to why Hunter insisted on saying such things to her still.

However, given Hunter’s incessant pestering, the gratitude that Vivian previously felt for him had slowly turned into annoyance.

Even the art of pursuing a lady required some finesse. Relentless pursuit would only end up causing the lady to feel irritated.

“I really don’t understand what you see in Finnick. He is now a convict and not worth your attention at all!” Hunter sprang to his feet and pointed angrily at Vivian.

Vivian always hated it when someone pointed their fingers at her. Hence, when she saw how Hunter responded, she lost the mood to even speak to him.

“I’m tired, please leave,” Vivian snapped but Hunter refused to go.

“I won’t leave until you provide me an explanation.”

Hunter dropped his chivalrous act and began to make things difficult.

Vivian gave him the side-eye before taking a sip of water from the cup she was holding.

“Vivian, come with me. Finnick can’t give you what you want.” When he saw how unrepentant Vivian was, Hunter had no choice but to plead again.

“Oh? Can’t he? What do you think it is that I want?” Vivian couldn’t help but feel amused at Hunter’s words.

“Of course I know what you want!” he declared what he truly thought proudly.

“Branded bags, luxury goods, Chanel, vanity.” Hunter looked at Vivian as he listed them down, hoping that she would throw herself into his embrace.

However, Hunter was disconnected from reality. Vivian was interested in none of the things he mentioned.

“I think you and Evelyn make a good couple.” No longer in the mood to say more, all she could do was to make sarcastic comments.

Everything that he listed out were what Evelyn desired.

In that case, why don’t they just get together? Why does he need to cling to me and cause both of us to be upset?

Vivian was puzzled.

“Vivian, you can’t insult me like that.” Hunter had always viewed Evelyn with disdain.

If not for the fact that she was of use to him, he wouldn’t have cooperated with her for such a long time.

“I’m not. You’re overthinking it.” Vivian couldn’t help but raise her eyebrow as she looked at how egoistic Hunter was. She didn’t say another word after that.

“Yes, I am overthinking things. It is my heart that longs for you and sees you as my soulmate. I am the one that’s deluded.”

Having heard Vivian’s words, Hunter rambled on in response. When he finally finished and looked at Vivian, his eyes were a little reddened.

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