Never Late, Never Away Chapter 860

“Mmm-hmm, that’s true.” Vivian felt Hunter’s words hit the nail on the head. Just when she wanted to clap in agreement, she heard a familiar voice.

“So why aren’t you leaving yet?” Vivian was stunned when she turned to see who it was.


It was the man of her dreams and he was standing right in front of her. She couldn’t believe her eyes at all.

“Finnick?” Vivian stared at him in surprise and in shock.

“You should be saying ‘Hubby’.” Finnick looked at Vivian and laughed.

He hadn’t seen her in a long time. Now that he did, he realized that she had lost weight.

When he saw the woman of his dreams in front of him, he couldn’t help but dash forward and embrace her.

However, there was still a third wheel in the room, and Finnick knew he had to do something about it.

“Noah, can you please throw this delusional person out of the hospital!” Finnick wanted Hunter out of his sight.

How dare he brazenly try and steal Vivian from me?

Does he think nothing of me and that he can walk all over me?

Holding that thought, Finnick walked toward Hunter as rage swelled within him.

“Mr. Yates, I hope you can keep your hands to yourself and not covet for things that don’t belong to you. Or else, you will suffer the consequences.”

Just as he spoke, he waved his hand for Noah to escort Hunter out.

“Vivian, did you miss me?” When they were finally alone in the room, Finnick got into Vivian’s bed.

He finally felt at ease when he hugged the woman he had been pining for.

During his days in prison, he kept thinking back to the day he was arrested.

He regretted not taking a few more looks at Vivian. What if that was the last time I saw her?

In truth, when he was in prison, it did occur to him that he might never be released. Outside of prison, what mattered to him the most wasn’t Finnor Group nor any other stuff. Instead, it was the woman in his embrace.

“I do.” When she hugged Finnick, she too realized he had lost weight.

Despite being thin previously, she felt secure in his embrace. Although the sense of security was still there, she could feel his bones this time around.

Suddenly, tears streamed out of her eyes.

She had been yearning for the time when he could hug her like this again. Now that it had become a reality, she was naturally ecstatic.

“Hey, are you crying because you miss me?” Finnick’s heart ached when he saw her crying. However, he didn’t want her to feel upset given that he had just returned.

Hence, he teased her cheekily so that she wouldn’t feel sad.

“You’re cheeky as usual.” Vivian wiped her tears away and looked at Finnick.

“Tell me, how did you get out?” Looking at him, Vivian was glad that they were reunited.

“It’s all thanks to you.” Finnick started by praising Vivian before explaining what happened in prison.

“After the police translated the video clip you sent, they released me at once.”

He was surprised that Vivian had thought of something that he didn’t.

He realized then that he hadn’t fully known Vivian for who she was.

Looking at her, a blissful smile emerged on his face.



Right after she replied, her lips were sealed in the very next moment.

As both of them had not seen each other in a long time. Hence, they were overwhelmed by the emotions of being reunited. The kiss they shared lasted for a long time.

As passion took over them, they began to act upon their desire.

“Mr. Norton.”

Just as Noah entered the ward, he walked in on Finnick pinning Vivian underneath him. Covering Larry’s eyes awkwardly, he quickly retreated from the room.

When Vivian realized that Noah had seen them, she pushed Finnick away out of embarrassment.

“What’s wrong?” Finnick asked despite knowing the answer to his own question.

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