Never Late, Never Away Chapter 861

As both of them had just kissed passionately, Vivian’s plump and rosy lips looked alluring.

When Finnick leaned in to continue, Vivian pushed him away at once.

“What’s wrong?” Finnick looked at her quizzically.

“Noah is still outside. Besides, we’re in the hospital.” Vivian looked at Finnick and instructed him to let Noah in.

After waiting for Vivian to straighten her clothes, Finnick called for Noah to enter.

“Mr. Norton, Mrs. Norton, I’ve brought Larry here.” Looking at them both, Noah pretended that nothing had happened.

All this while, Larry wasn’t told of Vivian’s hospitalization and Finnick’s imprisonment.

Hence, he had no idea what was going on. All he knew was that Vivian was in the hospital for something minor and Finnick was just looking after her.

It sounded like the perfect lie.

“Daddy, Mommy, you finally allowed me to come. I missed both of you a lot!”

Larry wisely skipped over what had happened and talked about something unrelated.

“You have been a good boy and both of us missed you too. Look, didn’t we ask Noah to pick you up?” Vivian coaxed Larry with a smile.

She was feeling bad for neglecting him as she had been caught up with the company’s business and Finnick’s case.

“I’m fine. I can take care of myself. So, don’t worry.”

Sensing Vivian’s guilt, Larry comforted her so that she wouldn’t blame herself for it.

“Mmm-hmm. I know you’re the best!” Vivian smiled at him before turning to Finnick.

Vivian had hoped that Finnick would say something to Larry but he didn’t. Instead, he picked him up and looked him in the eye.

Larry returned his gaze. The next moment, father and son smiled at each other knowingly.

Vivian’s heart warmed at the sight of how happy they both were and didn’t comment any further.

After a while, Noah took Larry to lunch as he still had class in the afternoon.

Noah had only brought Larry over for a short visit.

After Larry left and only both of them remained in the room, Finnick questioned Vivian, “Tell me, how did you hurt your head?”

He had only been arrested for a few days and Vivian was already hospitalized.

If he had been gone for a month, he wondered if he would receive a notification from the hospital that Vivian was in critical condition instead.

“I’m fine. It no longer hurts.” Vivian didn’t want him to know that she had fallen because of him as she didn’t want to burden him further.

Despite not telling him, Finnick easily read her mind.

“Silly gal. Don’t be in such a rush next time. Please be more careful instead,” Finnick pretended to lecture her.

He knew that she had landed in the hospital with her head injured because of him.

“Okay, I know that.” Vivian pouted at Finnick.

It was obvious I was careless. But he is so narcissistic to make this about him.

Nevertheless, Vivian didn’t speak her mind as Finnick wasn’t wrong in the first place. It was just that she refused to admit it because of her pride.

“Did you know that I couldn’t find you when I returned home and only found out that you are in the hospital after giving Noah a call? My heart almost stopped beating when I heard it as I had assumed the worst. I was finally put at ease when Noah explained that you have almost recovered.”

When Finnick arrived at home, he had wanted to see what Vivian was up to but couldn’t find her anywhere.

He began to panic when he couldn’t find signs of her living there.

The moment he heard that she was in the hospital, he rushed over at once.

“I’m not sure how bad life can get, but all I know is that without you, it is indeed unbearable,” Finnick declared as he gazed into her eyes.

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