Never Late, Never Away Chapter 863

However, Finnick objected, “No.”


“You have not recovered yet.”

After all, Vivian had hurt her head and it would be terrible if there were any long-term effects.

“I’m fine. I know my body very well.”

Given how persistent she was, Finnick couldn’t help but agree.

Now that Finnick had returned to the office, there were tons of issues that needed his attention.

Meanwhile, Vivian was due to be discharged today. Finnick had planned to pick her up but she didn’t allow him to do so. Hence, he didn’t come in the end.

On one side, it was because Vivian threatened him not to, and on the other side, his company needed his undivided attention. Therefore, Finnick decided not to go after giving it some thought.

Instead, he instructed Noah and a couple of bodyguards to send her home.

“Mrs. Norton, please take your time.”

When Noah saw Vivian, he extended his hand to help her. But when he remembered it to be inappropriate for his station, he retracted his hand awkwardly.

Vivian noticed Noah’s conflicted reaction and found it amusing. However, she kept her laughter to herself.

“Hey, Noah. Are you leaving just like that?” The moment Noah and Vivian stepped out of the hospital, a girl’s voice rang out from behind them.

Turning around, Vivian recognized her as the nurse that changed her IV drip. Glancing at Noah, Vivian continued walking ahead knowingly.

“I’ll wait for you in the car.” Right after she spoke, Vivian nodded cordially at Ivana who returned her greeting.

Although Noah was the family bodyguard, he was still human and had the right to love just like anyone else.

Hence, Vivian never restricted his freedom from doing so. In fact, after serving their family for so many years, Vivian would be glad if he managed to find a partner.

“What is it?” Noah looked at Ivana who was dressed casually today.

He felt that there was a vibrant and energetic vibe to her in her casual clothes compared to her stern demeanor in her nurse uniform.

Despite the polar extremes, they were not in any conflict at all.

“What do you think? Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving today? What am I going to do after you leave?”

Ivana had just found out that Vivian was being discharged today while she was looking for Noah.

The moment she heard it, she hurried downstairs and was glad to have caught Noah before he left. Or else, she really didn’t know where else to find him.

“My employer has recovered, so it’s natural that I have to leave.” With Ivana fuming at him, Noah didn’t realize anything was wrong. He was puzzled as to why Ivana made it sound like it was a bad thing.

“In that case… how do I contact you the next time?”

When she heard his reply, her domineering attitude changed into one that was submissive, causing Noah to feel guilty. Extending his hand, he wanted to pat her on the back to comfort her.

But when he realized it wasn’t appropriate, he had no choice but to stare at her and hoped that she didn’t cry.

When she realized her damsel in distress act didn’t work, she couldn’t help but feel that Noah had the emotional sensitivity similar to a piece of wood, knowing nothing at all.

“Don’t you even know how to comfort me?” Ivana looked helplessly at Noah.

Although the man has never been in a relationship before, but could he really be that insensitive?

Holding that thought, Ivana still felt that an inexperienced guy was surely better than a silver-tongued playboy.

“Erm, I’m busy at the moment as Mrs. Norton is waiting for me.” Despite her pleas, Noah remembered that Vivian was waiting in the car for him. Therefore, he had no choice but to ditch Ivana and go back to Vivian.

“Hey.” Ivana watched Noah enter the car without even turning back to look at her.

She was filled with sadness but couldn’t express it to him. After all, he wasn’t her boyfriend and she didn’t have the right to interfere with his life.

“Mrs. Norton, I’m sorry for making you wait.” The moment Noah entered the car, he saw Vivian looking bored and immediately realized she must have been waiting for him for a long time.

“It’s alright. Everyone has the right to pursue their own happiness.” Vivian wasn’t just a considerate employer, she was in fact an exceptionally wise one too.

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