Never Late, Never Away Chapter 864

It delighted her to see that someone was interested in Noah.

However, there was little time for her to indulge in her moment of happiness. She still needed to head toward Finnick’s office and get to work.

“Alright, there’s still time for dating after work. The company is the priority now.”

Given the dire circumstances the company was in, the last thing it needed was to have its situation deteriorate because of Noah’s infatuation with a young girl. It wasn’t worth it at all.

“Yes, naturally so.” Noah’s mind was put at ease when he saw that Vivian wasn’t upset with him.

“Quick, follow that car.”

Just when Vivian and Noah were chatting in the car, they realized they were being tailed by another car.

Noah ordered the driver to increase his speed at once. As Vivian was only getting discharged from the hospital, he didn’t bring many men with him.

Vivian didn’t think too much about it too which resulted in their current predicament.

They were going as fast as they could. Any faster would put their lives in danger.

However, if they stopped, they would be harmed by whoever was pursuing them.

Although they didn’t know who it was that was chasing them, it was time to find out. After all, Noah and Finnick had worked together for a long time.

“Mrs. Norton, please sit tight.” The moment they made a sharp turn, Noah switched places with the driver. The speed at which they did it was simply astounding.

This was the first time she saw him demonstrate his skills and felt that it was unbelievable.

They did it while the car was making a sharp turn. Why didn’t they do it on a straight road instead?

Vivian was puzzled by it. But, given how smoothly they executed the move, Vivian figured that they must have been very well trained.

“Mrs. Norton, are you alright?” Noah realized how dangerous the speed they were traveling at was. However, he had no choice as it was easier switching seats during a turn.

Fortunately, Noah had rehearsed this many times and knew exactly how to do it. Or else, Vivian and he would probably be dead by now.

When Noah saw the group of cars closing in behind them, he began to feel nervous.

After all, he wasn’t as skillful as Finnick. If Vivian got hurt under his protection, it would be considered a serious dereliction of his duty.

“Mrs. Norton, sit tight.” Just when Noah planned to use his last trump card, he saw cars screeching to a half right in front of them.

“F*ck!” Noah cursed. He realized that they were now trapped.

He picked up his phone at once and sent a signal to Finnick. After that, he turned to look at Vivian.

Despite being frightened by the episode, she quickly understood the situation they were in. Looking at the men surrounding their car, she straightened her clothes and shot Noah a glance before alighting.

“Mrs. Norton…” Noah was shocked to see her get out.

None of those men were decent and they were here to exact revenge on the Norton family.

Noah was well aware that these were turbulent times but he didn’t expect their enemies to take action so quickly.

That thought alone stumped him.

Now, their only hope was for Finnick to come and rescue them.

Noah and Finnick shared an alarm system between them. If one of them was in danger, the other would be notified instantly.

As he had already sent Finnick a distress signal, his job now was to stall for time for as long as possible. That way, they may still have a chance to escape.

However, when he saw Vivian leaving the car, his heart skipped a beat. If they had stayed in the car, they might have been able to buy some time as their attackers could do nothing.

“May I know who you are?” After Vivian alighted, the men from the other cars got out and stared at her.

“Wow, you’re pretty!” When the man who got down saw Vivian, he was intrigued.

They were indeed under orders to attack Vivian. But no one said that they couldn’t fool around with her first.

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