Never Late, Never Away Chapter 867

In fact, Vivian found her to be nice girl. Therefore, she planned to encourage them to be together once Noah had recovered.

After all, he needed to have his own life and it would be unreasonable to have him be their bodyguard for life.

“Alright.” Finnick nodded in agreement having looked around and comprehend the situation.

Now that Noah was hurt while protecting them, Finnick didn’t dare allow him to continue working as a bodyguard, for fear that he would do something even more outrageous.

“Noah, be strong. You have to get out of there quickly.” Ivana knew that just waiting there wasn’t going to make a difference. She needed to do something to let him know that she was waiting for him.

“Noah, Noah. Please come out safe. As long as you do, I’ll go out with you. I’ll also tell you a secret. In fact, I’ll even promise you one thing,” Ivana screamed her lungs out.

Standing beside her, Vivian and Finnick didn’t know what else they could do other than watch on.

Her screams were so loud that she startled one of the doctors.

“What are you screaming for?”

The doctor snapped at Ivana when he saw that she was one of the hospital’s nurses.

Having heard a response, Ivana looked up at the doctor who had just yelled back at her.

Wiping her tears dry, she stared coldly at him.

“You…” The doctor was stumped as he returned Ivana’s gaze.

“You are fired!” Just as Ivana spoke, she reached out and pulled away the doctor’s ID tag.

Coincidentally, the doors to the emergency room flung open.

Not in the mood to argue with a junior doctor, Ivana approached the surgeon and enquired about Noah’s condition.

The surgeon was briefly stunned by Ivana before turning to Vivian and Finnick. “The patient is in a stable condition now. All he needs is rest.”

Having heard the surgeon, the three of them heaved a sigh of relief.

After waiting for such a long time, they were ecstatic to know that Noah would be fine.

However, when Ivana wanted to enter the operation theater, the doctor stopped her.

“The room has been decontaminated.”

Ivana immediately realized that she couldn’t enter and hence waited for Noah to be brought out instead.

When she saw Noah’s pale face, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

She turned toward Vivian and Finnick, “How much do you want for releasing Noah to me?”

Ivana no longer wanted Noah to suffer in service to them.

Having heard Ivana’s words, the guilt that Vivian felt intensified further.

The fact that someone pointed out that Noah was hurt because of her simply made it worse.

However, this wasn’t something to be decided by her.

She had already agreed with Finnick to release Noah after he had recovered so that he didn’t have to protect them anymore.

Therefore, he was no longer considered their bodyguard.

“Noah’s freedom doesn’t belong to us,” Vivian explained.

Finnick had wanted to explain but Vivian stopped him, for fear that his attitude would just make things worse.

After all, it was easier to talk about the matter from woman to woman as they could empathize with each other.

“Fine. You said it yourself. Please remember that.” After hearing Vivian’s promise, she assumed that Noah would no longer work for them and would be free to spend time with her.

The thought alone cheered her up.

After all, it was bliss to be able to stay by the side of the one she loved.

Of course, this was all assuming Noah felt the same way about her.

Nevertheless, Ivana was confident that she had everything it took for Noah to fall for her. Hence, it was just a matter of time before it happened.

“Since Noah is fine now, we will complete the paperwork for his hospital admission. After that, we will be on our way.”

When Vivian saw Ivana by Noah’s side. She felt that there was no need for her to be there anymore.

Besides, there was still a lot of work at the company that demanded their attention.

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