Never Late, Never Away Chapter 868

Finnick nodded as he agreed to Vivian’s suggestion. With that, both of them left.

When they returned to the ward after completing the admission procedures, their hearts were warmed when they saw Ivana taking care of Noah attentively.

Knock… Knock… Ivana walked out of the room when she saw that it was Vivian.

Ivana was cordial toward Vivian mainly because of how important she was to Noah.

“What is it?” Ivana asked when she saw that Vivian had something to say.

“Please take good care of Noah as we have to head back to the office to attend to urgent matters. Call me if there’s anything,” Vivian instructed sternly as she looked into Ivana’s eyes.

As it was exactly what she wanted to do, Ivana nodded in agreement.

“This is my card and it has my number on top. Call me if there’s any need.” Vivian handed Ivana a name card from the magazine company and waited for her response.

The moment she saw Ivana nod, she left together with Finnick.

In the car, Vivian asked, “How bad is the situation in the company?”

She could guess the answer from the grim look on his face.

All this time, she was so focused on rescuing Finnick from prison and that she neglected the company.

However, it wasn’t a fault as she was simply stretched too thin. She was a lady who never had to manage so much in her life.

When it came to the company’s situation, even Finnick was having trouble keeping it afloat, let alone someone like her that knew nothing.

Therefore, the only thing that she could do was to provide him moral support.

Checking on the time, Vivian realized that Larry was about to get off school. Hence, she got Finnick to turn around so that they could pick Larry up first.

Ever since the company was in trouble, they hardly had time for him. Instead, they would get Noah to do everything with Larry and neglect their responsibility as parents.

Vivian felt guilty as she thought about it.

After all, they were his biological parents and it wasn’t right to get someone unrelated to look after Larry.

After voicing her concerns to Finnick, he agreed with her.

He then drove a little faster just so that he could see Larry as soon as possible. Ever since he was released from prison, Finnick only saw Larry once. He really missed him much.

When they arrived at the kindergarten, his class wasn’t dismissed yet. Hence, Vivian and Finnick waited outside.

While they were waiting, they saw a girl approach them.

They recognized her as Joey who had greeted them before the last time they met.

“Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Norton, are you here to pick Larry up?” Joey asked respectfully.

Everyone loved kids who were well-mannered. When she saw how cute and polite the little girl was, Vivian couldn’t help but yearn for one of her own.

“Yes, you’re right,” Vivian replied Joey.

“Their class is ending soon. Please wait a moment longer. Anyway, I’m going off now. Goodbye.”

Just as she spoke, Joey disappeared from their sight.

Watching Joey’s silhouette, Vivian felt that the fleeting encounter with the little girl had brightened up their boring wait.

A moment later, Larry came out just as Joey had predicted.

This time Larry came out alone and was no longer surrounded like the last time.

“Daddy, Mommy.” He was delighted to see that his parents came to pick him up.

After all, they hadn’t had much time for him recently because of work.

Despite feeling upset, Larry didn’t blame them for it. He knew that they were fighting for the company’s survival.

“Hi, son!” Finnick replied happily.

A smile emerged from Finnick’s stern face the moment he saw Larry.

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