Never Late, Never Away Chapter 870

“Hmm, that’s good. In that case, why don’t we take another detour before heading home?” Vivian suggested. Despite having a lot of bodyguards, it was better if they didn’t find the place.

In fact, Finnick had already formulated a plan to do it. In a short while, they quickly lost the group of men.

As Finnick floored the accelerator, the fumes from the exhaust look as if they were mocking the group of men left behind.

“Daddy, Mommy, what do those men want with us?” Larry was puzzled as he continued to watch what his parents were doing.

As he had no idea, he decided to ask.

“Those are bad people. That’s why you have to be careful when you go out.” Vivian was worried that the men would come to their home. Hence, it was better she reminded Larry of the need to be vigilant.

Although he couldn’t grasp the complexity of the situation, Larry still nodded at Vivian’s words.

Looking out the window at the passing scenery, Vivian wondered when this never ending nightmare would end.

All she wanted was a stable life as she was sick of what she had to go through lately.

However, she had no choice as that was the reality. Hence, she had to force herself to endure what she hated.

Lost in thought, a familiar view soon appeared before her.

Vivian knew that they had arrived at Samuel’s house. Straightening her clothes, she led Larry out of the car.

After parking the car, Finnick pressed on the doorbell and was welcomed by the maid who opened the door.

“Mr. Norton, Mrs. Norton, Mr. Larry.”

Having greeted them, the maid stepped aside and ushered them in.

“Grandpa.” Finnick entered and saw Samuel reading the papers.

After Finnick greeted him, Vivian and Larry followed suit.

When they were done, Samuel put down his papers and looked at the three of them.

“Have a seat.” Samuel picked up the teacup on the table and took a sip.

“Go ahead and say it,” Samuel asked knowingly before Finnick even said a thing.

He was fully aware Finnick only visited whenever he needed something.

Looking back, Finnick realized that he had indeed been unfilial. However, now wasn’t the time to think about that as there were more pressing matters at hand.

Finnick looked at Samuel awkwardly, not knowing how to begin.

“Just say whatever you came here to. I’m not blaming you.”

Samuel was aware that as a young adult, Finnick wouldn’t have the patience to accompany an old man.

But he only had one grandson. If he had a granddaughter instead, things would likely be very different.

“Erm, I’m sure you’re aware of my current situation?” Finnick probed. If Samuel wasn’t, it would mean that his subordinates were incompetent for failing to keep him informed.

“I am.”

“I plan to leave Larry here for a few days, hoping that you can watch over him on our behalf.”


After a brief exchange, Samuel readily agreed to Finnick’s request as he knew they were currently in a pinch.

Moreover, he was also aware that other than him, there was no one else that could help them.

After all, it was his grandson that built Finnor Group from scratch and he too wasn’t willing to see it go bust.

Therefore, all he could hope for now was for them to try their best to restore Finnor Group to its former glory and for him to enjoy his twilight years in peace.

“Thanks, Grandpa.” Vivian was delighted to hear that Samuel had agreed to their request.

Prior to this, she was troubled by the fact that Samuel might not want to help. However, it now appeared that she had overthought things.

“Don’t thank me. After receiving all the gifts you brought, how can I not agree?” Samuel had a soft spot for Vivian, hence he pretended to be angry at her.

Obviously, she knew that he was teasing her and laughed along with him.

“Care to stay for dinner?” Samuel suggested.

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