Never Late, Never Away Chapter 873

Sleeping for the whole night in such an uncomfortable posture, Finnick woke up feeling aches and cramps all over his body the next morning.

Since Vivian was still asleep, Finnick carefully lifted up his head, trying hard not to wake her up.

He could not believe that his head had been leaning on Vivian’s arm the entire night.

Thus, he wanted to massage her arm, in hopes that she would feel less pain after she woke up.

But the instant his hand touched Vivian’s arm, she opened her eyes.

“Morning…” Vivian looked at him, clearly still in a daze.

For quite a while, she was confused as to where she was. And then she recalled that they did not leave the office the previous night.

All of a sudden, her head was throbbing in pain. She wanted to massage her temples, only to realize that she could barely move her arm.

Her arm, which Finnick rested on for so many hours, had become completely numb. Not only that, she even felt great pain whenever she tried to move it.

Seeing that Vivian was groaning in pain, Finnick’s heart was filled with guilt.

If I wasn’t so tired last night, we wouldn’t have to stay the night at the office. And I wouldn’t have slept on her arm. Ugh… This was all my fault.

“It’s fine,” Vivian said while trying to move her arm. To her relief, her arm resumed to normal after a short while.

“Come on. Let’s wash up and have breakfast. You have a deal to discuss today.” Vivian started to cheer Finnick up, hoping that they would have a fresh start.

Recalling what happened the day before, she sincerely hoped that Finnick would not be discouraged by this setback in his life.

“Okay. Let’s go.” Finnick knew what she was trying to do. Holding her hand gently, they headed towards the washroom.

There was no one in the office yet as it was still early.

At that very hour, the large office seemed deserted and rather lonely.

Vivian was grateful that she was still able to feel Finnick’s warmth beside her. She told herself that she would not be afraid of any future storms coming their way, as long as they were together.

There were all kinds of single-use toiletries in the office’s washroom, specially prepared for those who worked overtime.

Finnick did not expect he would ever have to use one of those, as he assumed he would never need to work overtime.

But it turned out that he was wrong.

Looking at the white foam around each other’s mouths while brushing their teeth, both of them could not help but burst into laughter.

Seeing Finnick was in a better mood than she had expected, Vivian began to relax a little.

She knew that she could never fully understand Finnick’s feelings concerning this crisis.

All she could do was to comfort him, even though it might be useless. But she wanted Finnick to know that she would be by his side, even if it was the end of the world.

After they finished washing up, they stepped out of the office building. By then, the sun was already shining, and the weather seemed really fine and pleasant.

Just when they are thinking about what to eat, a few employees who came to work early greeted them at the entrance.

Finnick only nodded slightly without greeting them back. On the other hand, Vivian merely smiled politely at them as they did not know her real identity.

Those employees did not ask anything. As they thought, sometimes keeping the distance was the best respect one could give.

In the end, Vivian suggested getting breakfast from a street vendor nearby.

“From today onwards, we’re no longer rich, so we should try to cut any unnecessary expenses,” Vivian explained to Finnick.

Upon hearing this, Finnick smiled back forcefully, trying hard to suppress the sorrow within him.

“Okay.” He figured it was not a big deal. He had been through the worst in his life, and there was nothing he could not overcome.

The only fear in his heart was to see the woman he loved suffering with him.

With Vivian chowing down food bought from the street vendor, he realized that becoming poor was no longer a mere imagination.

Based on the current situation, he was unsure when they could go back to their previously luxurious life. At that moment, he felt like the most useless man in the world, failing to provide the best for his loved one.

After a while, Finnick and Vivian finished their food, and Finnick wanted to bring Vivian back to the office.

However, Vivian decided not to follow him as she knew Finnick needed to meet up with Chase later.

If she stayed with Finnick, she might end up becoming a distraction, if not a burden.

After Vivian expressed her concern truthfully to Finnick, he agreed for her to go home without him.

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