Never Late, Never Away Chapter 874

Initially, Vivian wanted to stop by Norton Residence to visit Larry, but she gave up this thought a second later. It would cause trouble for Larry if anyone saw her there.

Despite missing her child desperately, Vivian could only control her urge and went back to her own place.

Meanwhile, Finnick threw himself right into work after he reached the office. He paused for a while and glanced at his watch. It was already the time for their appointment.

He then flipped through the document that Chase sent him to check on the meeting time and venue.

At the same time, Chase was certain that Finnick would definitely show up, as this might be his only chance to overturn the situation.

Chase had always taken a liking for Finnor Group’s resources and would be happy to own it.

Hence, it would be a mutual relationship that benefited both parties.

Back when Finnick first learned about Chase’s plans, he could not accept them. But after he cleared his thoughts and pondered for a long time, he realized this was his only way out.

Even though he would lose Finnor Group, all things required certain sacrifice to grow and move forward.

Looking at his watch, he realized he would be late soon. Thus, he swiftly packed his stuff and departed to the appointed venue.

Right when he was about to start his car, a call came in.

“Hello, who is it?”

“This is the police department. Am I speaking to Mr. Norton?”

“Yes.” Finnick was stunned and puzzled by this unexpected call.

The police department? Did someone set me up again? Will I be back in prison?

Obviously, Finnick’s suspicion had no solid basis. It was merely out of his fear of being thrown into prison once again.

“I am calling about the report you made about Evelyn. We have discovered a new clue that shows Evelyn appeared around Shadowhill.”

After Finnick was freed from prison, he started suing Evelyn for slandering him and conducting illegal acts.

Ever since then, the police had investigated her and found Finnick’s accusation to be true. Hence, they started to observe Evelyn.

However, Evelyn turned out to be extremely cautious, and they failed to identify any criminal act from her ever since.

Their patience finally paid off when Evelyn was spotted around Shadowhill.

“I see. Thanks for the update. Please continue to keep an eye on her.”

Finnick was extremely concerned about this matter at that time, so he requested the police to inform him if they discovered anything.

But he soon forgot about her case after that. Nonetheless, he was grateful to the police for keeping their promise.

“You are welcomed.”

After hanging the phone, Finnick went deep into thoughts.

Why would Evelyn go to Shadowhill? Shadowhill is a criminal area where lots of illegal transactions are performed underground. What’s her purpose going there? I have to find out.

Hundreds of questions appeared in his mind, but he could not figure out any reasonable explanation for them.

But right at this moment, he should be prioritizing his own company’s crisis instead.

He believed that sooner or later, justice would be served.

Just as his mind was occupied with all those worries, Finnick found himself arriving at a five-star hotel.

The moment Finnick walked into the lobby, he ran into Chase, who had just arrived too.

Finnick approached Chase and greeted him, “Good morning, Mr. Neville.”

“Good morning, Mr. Norton.”

Chase nodded and shook hands with Finnick.

They had some small talk for a short while, and then Chase suggested going in the room to discuss the deal.

Finnick agreed without hesitation.

The second they entered the room, a gorgeous lady was there to take Finnick’s coat for him.

But just before she could lay her hand on Finnick’s coat, Finnick cut her with a ferocious stare.

Shocked by Finnick’s cold reaction, the lady could only look at Chase helplessly.

“I see that Mr. Norton is, without doubt, a man of integrity.” Chase looked somewhat amazed by Finnick’s behavior.

“I am a married guy. So I prefer keeping my distance with other females.”

A firm response from Finnick made Chase become even more interested in this man he met for the first time.

Even though this was their first meeting, Finnick felt as if they had been close friends for a long time. I suppose that’s what they meant by great minds thinking alike.

On the contrary, Chase was the one who was more impressed by the other party. He had heard that Finnick really loved and pampered his wife. And the rumor turned out to be true, if not more.

“Hahaha. Well said.” Upon praising Finnick, Chase gestured at the lady, instructing her to leave.

With that, only the two of them were left in the room. Even so, neither of them was willing to mention the deal first.

The atmosphere in that room gradually became intense as a brief spark of rivalry could be sensed at that very moment.

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