Never Late, Never Away Chapter 875

“You have quite a reputation as a successful young man. I’m impressed.” Chase poured himself a glass of wine and saluted towards Finnick.

Finnick respectfully poured himself a glass too and gazed back at Chase.

They toasted and both emptied their glasses in one go.

“Mr. Neville, let’s talk business then.”

Finnick was a little impatient as his mind was thinking about Vivian being alone at home. He was looking to close that important deal in the fastest way so that he could head back.

If it was up to him, he would definitely cut off all the unnecessary nonsense and go straight into it right away.

Unfortunately, he knew there would always be some formalities in the world of business. That was why he would always try to avoid any social event if he could.

Another thing he hated about social events was that there would always be women.

As he did not want Vivian to overthink, normally, he would not attend them.

“Okay, since you’ve put it that way, let us stop beating around the bush.”

Chase had learned that Finnick was not the type who fancied social events.

Meanwhile, Vivian was diligently preparing a soup that she recently learned back home. She could not wait to have it together with Finnick once he reached home.

The meeting turned out to be brief but efficient, as both parties were already certain of what they wanted.

They agreed to sign a contract at a press conference three days later.

However, seeing all those years of hard work ended up in another person’s hands, Finnick could not help but feel disappointed.

But since the matter had escalated as such, he was left with no other option.

“Hey, why aren’t you back yet?” An obviously impatient Vivian called to check up on him.

“We’re just done. I am about to head home now.” Initially, Finnick intended to go for a short walk on the street before going home to calm himself down.

He was hoping not to bring his negative emotions home in case he lost his temper again at Vivian. But since she called, it seemed like he had to head straight home.

Vivian responded happily, “Alright, I will wait for you.”

Upon hanging up, Finnick furrowed his brows in sorrow. But soon after that, he chose to put it all aside and drove home directly.

Meanwhile, at Norton Residence, Larry was having teatime with Samuel in their garden. It was peaceful and enjoyable.

The only flaw in that perfect life was that his parents were not by his side.

Samuel was fully aware of it, but he was relieved as his grandson seemed to be an extraordinarily considerate kid. But at the same time, this made him wanted to comfort the latter even more.

“Larry, let me tell you a story.” Samuel looked at Larry gently.

“Okay.” Larry nodded and looked back at Samuel with a curious gaze.

From what Larry knew, Samuel was not so much of a storyteller. On the contrary, he had always thought of Samuel as a serious person.

That was why he always felt uncomfortable around Samuel and was unable to express himself freely.

Samuel was fully aware of this too, but he just let it be. He figured that Larry would eventually come to know about his true self, and their relationship would gradually improve by then.

“A long time ago, when I went on a vacation, I saw two kids talking. They seemed to be arguing about something, so I approached them trying to find out why. Yet they just ignored me and continued their argument, so I stayed and listened to them. It turned out that they were discussing whether they should take care of their parents when they were old. The one, who opposed the idea, had said some really awful things. However, they did not hold back their thoughts just because I was there. After all, it was supposed to be their homework.”

Upon finishing the story, Samuel shifted his gaze towards Larry, only to notice him thinking hard, trying to figure out the meaning of the story.

After a few minutes, Larry seemed to understand something. Great Grandpa is teaching me a lesson about responsibility. It is the teacher’s responsibility to assign homework for us. And when we work hard to finish it, we are fulfilling our responsibility as a student. And when we are focusing on our responsibility, we won’t stop just because of anyone.

The story was exactly like Finnick and Vivian, who were focusing on their role right now.

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