Never Late, Never Away Chapter 877

The two leaders, Finnick and Chase, walked up the stage. Looking at the big group of journalists, Finnick started to realize that there would be no turning back for this deal.

Even though there was still a slight hesitation stirring in his heart, he knew it was too late for him to change his mind in front of all these journalists.

Chase was indeed a smart businessman. Since Finnick had left the press conference to his hands, of course, he was going to hold it in such publicity.

“Thank you, everyone, for attending our press conference today. First of all, I would like to welcome our two representatives, Mr. Norton and Mr. Neville.” As the host was doing the introduction, Finnick seemed distracted by other things in his mind.

On the contrary, Chase was thrilled to see all the excited journalists on the seats.

Nevertheless, everyone had a high expectation for Finnor Group since they had such an outstanding young man as their president. Certainly, there would be some disappointment to see Finnor Group falling into others’ hands.

But, after all, the journalists were merely outsiders to this matter. Compared to their disappointment, they were more excited to be able to see Finnick up close.

However, Finnick was seen standing on the stage with a long face with not much to say. In his mind, he was hoping to wrap this up as soon as possible.

After a long speech from the host, the press conference finally came to its climax, which was the contract-signing session.

Without any hesitation, Finnick took the contract before him and put down his signature on it.

At that very moment, he felt as if he had lost everything and hit rock bottom.

But realizing he was still at a public event, he tried hard not to reveal his emotions. Thus, he could only bury the misery in his heart.

“Mr. Norton.”

Chase also signed on his copy of the contract and then exchanged it with Finnick. All the photographers were busy capturing this historic moment.

The most important session of the press conference was completed quickly.

Both parties ended the signing with a handshake, in the meantime, the photographers were still taking endless photos of them.

“Congratulations, Mr. Norton.” Chase beamed with delight while shaking hands with Finnick.

At a closer look, Chase was, in fact, a handsome man too. But because of his age, his charisma was somehow more mellow compared to Finnick’s.

“I should be the one to congratulate.” Finnick tightened his handshake before letting go of it.

Right after that, they entered the question session with the journalists.

“Mr. Norton, after this event, would you be starting another company?”

“Mr. Norton, are you satisfied with the deal this time?”

Finnick just smiled at all those questions coming from the journalists, with no intention whatsoever to provide answers. All these were considered his secret. If he was to reveal it to the public at that moment, he knew it would be difficult for him to survive in the business world.

Seeing that Finnick was not answering any questions, the journalists were somewhat pissed. But they did not dare to be harsh on him since the press conference was organized by Chase.

Besides, even if the mighty were to fall, they would still hold more authority than the ordinary.

Although Finnick was no longer a president of a company, his power and influence still existed in some way.

There would be no one who dared to underestimate him.

As the journalists failed to gain anything from Finnick, they turned all their attention towards Chase.

On the contrary, they were pleased with Chase, as he answered every single question perfectly without doubts.

Just then, Finnick could feel his phone vibrating in his pocket a couple of times.

He would usually choose not to answer private calls during work unless it was from his wife. But the call seemed to be quite urgent as his phone had been vibrating non-stop.

And since he was not interested in the press conference anymore, he decided to pick up the call.

From the other end was the voice of a man.

“Hello, is this Finnick Norton?”

After Finnick gave his confirmation, the voice continued, “Your grandpa was shot this afternoon. Please come over as soon as you can.”

Finnick froze right away on the spot. He did not expect there would be any news worse than this press conference.

Grandpa was shot! Is he dead? Is he murdered by someone?

Finnick’s mind became blank as he paled in fright.

He felt his whole world collapsing that instant, and he could not possibly stay at this press conference any more. Thus, he looked at Chase and signaled that he needed to leave.

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