Never Late, Never Away Chapter 878

Finnick walked out into the streets and stared at the people coming and going. He was at a loss.

Grandpa just died. He was shot to death!

The man who had raised him and pampered him all his life had just passed away.

As he thought about it, he could not help the tears that fell from his eyes.

Finnick did not know what he had to do then or what would happen to himself.

He felt lost.

After squatting on a flight of stairs for a while, he ran back to his car. Right, Grandpa. I should visit him now. He always complains that I don’t visit him, so he must be trying to trick me into going home. Many elderly lie to their children like this, so Grandpa must be doing the same thing.

As Finnick continued to contemplate the situation, he accelerated in a hurry to get back.

However, the roads were currently congested. As quickly as possible, Finnick reversed his car before speeding forward again.

When the drivers around him saw what he was doing, they realized what he intended to do. Fearful that he would damage their precious cars, the drivers moved to give way to him.

Soon, a path had been freed up. Ignoring the traffic lights, Finnick continued to speed forward.

All he cared about at that moment was going home to visit Samuel. He knew Samuel would be waiting for him. Yes, he will be.

As he thought of that, Finnick continued to accelerate, reaching speeds he had never dared to drive at before. However, he continued and was not bothered with the traffic, as he was anxious to see his grandfather.

All along the way, he honked his car horn at the other drivers around him. They all moved out of the way in fear for their cars.

Many traffic police officers soon chased Finnick’s car as he had run many red lights and was also speeding excessively.

However, as they were traffic police officers, they had to control their own speed.

Naturally, they fell far behind Finnick’s car.

Due to his excessive speeding, the three-hour journey was eventually completed in only one and a half.

The traffic police officers had persevered in their pursuit for one and a half hours as well.

At his house, upon seeing the numerous policemen entering and exiting his house, Finnick felt uneasy. However, he continued to walk forward.

“Outsiders are prohibited.” Since it was a crime scene, the place had been cordoned off. Hence, only family members were allowed to enter.

“I’m his family,” replied Finnick coldly. A policeman then came over and said something, and they soon let Finnick into the house.

Since that policeman had met Finnick previously, he could confirm Finnick’s identity and his familial relationship with Samuel.

As Finnick walked in step after step, his heartbeat increased, hinting at the anxiety he currently felt.

He was trying to comfort himself, telling himself that nothing had happened to Samuel and that this was all a lie.

Yet, the deeper he walked into the house, the less he believed his own words. Finnick knew that he was making everything up by himself.

When he saw the bloodstains on the ground, he was extremely shocked. He frowned, then suddenly thought of Larry.

Finnick did not dare to continue breaking down then, as he did not know whether Larry was even dead or alive.

At least Finnick could try to comfort himself over what happened to Samuel. However, if something were to happen to Larry, he would not know how to deal with it. He quickened his pace, continuing to move forward.

Finnick was in a daze. All he knew was that he had to continue walking forward.

The moment he walked into the small garden and saw Samuel’s lifeless body, he could no longer control his emotions.

Samuel was lying in front of him, covered in blood. No matter what he said, Finnick could not lie to himself anymore. He could no longer convince himself that Samuel was fine.

He stepped forward and kneeled in front of Samuel. The policemen then left the scene, knowing that Finnick needed some time alone.

Faced with the death of a loved one, Finnick cried till he lost his voice.

He hated himself. If he had not brought Larry over, those people would never have known Samuel’s address, and Samuel would not have died as a result.

His grandfather had always asked him to go home for a visit, but Finnick always found ways to pacify him or evade it altogether. Not once did he come over to actually spend time with his grandfather.

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