Never Late, Never Away Chapter 879

Finnick had always disliked coming home since he felt that this house held bad memories from his childhood.

Thinking back to how eagerly Samuel had looked forward to his return home, Finnick wanted to slap himself.

So he did.

He was in distress and in pain. He looked at his grandfather, who had passed away with a faint smile on his lips.

As he gently wiped the blood off Samuel’s face with a tissue, Samuel’s face slowly became clean.

Finnick gently stroked the wrinkles on his grandfather’s face. They were a sign of Samuel’s age.

When he recalled the past when Samuel had brought him out to play, tears started to fall uncontrollably.

Although he wanted to die alongside Samuel, Finnick knew that he could not.

Samuel had wanted to see him bring honor to his family. He had hoped that Finnick would have a good life ahead of him.

Thus, Finnick did not know how to face Samuel in the afterlife if he had taken his life right then.


Just as he was drowning in sadness, Finnick heard Vivian’s voice.

He lowered his head and wiped away his tears, then looked at Vivian. He did not want to let her see him like this. However, the tear tracks were clear on his face.

“Don’t be sad. Grandpa will surely go to heaven.” Vivian did not know what else to say to comfort Finnick.

They had gone through a lot recently, so Vivian no longer knew how to comfort him.

“Daddy, don’t cry. It’s all my fault. I didn’t protect Great-grandpa well.”

Looking at how sorrowful and downhearted Finnick was, Larry could not help but blame himself.

Samuel had asked him to go fetch something from the room at the time of the crime. However, even after searching for a long time, Larry could not find it. When he finally got to the garden, Samuel was already on the ground.

Larry knew then that Samuel had saved him. Those men were very strong, each wielding a gun, so Samuel’s guards had all been killed by then.

It was the first time Larry had seen such a scene. He froze in shock.

Although Larry was born into a big family, it was the first time he saw corpses littering everywhere on the floor.

Luckily, Vivian had arrived earlier and got Larry to return to the room. Otherwise, the scene would have scarred him forever.

Seeing that Larry was safe and sound, Finnick was relieved.

Just like what Larry had said, Finnick wanted to stop feeling sad too. However, he simply could not calm his feelings down.

Perhaps too many bad things had been happening one after the other, leaving no space for Finnick to catch his breath. In the end, all his suppressed negative emotions could only burst out at that moment.

Finnick cleared his throat, allowing his hoarse voice to recover a little before he turned to Vivian and said, “Vivian, I want to be alone for a while.”

Vivian understood what he was going through, so she simply nodded and brought Larry away.

When they left, Finnick lowered his head to look at Samuel’s lifeless body. He no longer had any tears left, for he had already cried them all out.

He stared at Samuel’s body blankly, then started to clean it little by little. Finnick tried his best to control the trembling in his hands. He also tried his best to control his urge to leave the world alongside Samuel.

Only Finnick himself knew exactly how much he was suffering.

He was once arrogant and did not cry when everyone witnessed him going to jail. He was once confident in his business skills and did not cry when he had to hand over his company to someone else in front of many reporters.

It was not that Finnick did not cry. It was simply that Finnick knew that as a man, he could not cry. He had to be a role model for Larry and had to have the ability to give Vivian a home.

Yet, now that Samuel was gone, Finnick’s last line of defense collapsed.

He was tired. Everything that had happened recently had left him exhausted. Although Finnick did not say it out loud, it did not mean he was not tired.

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