Never Late, Never Away Chapter 882

Although Larry wanted to ask, he could tell that it was not the right time.

Vivian was upset. If Larry asked her about it now, he was undoubtedly adding fuel to the fire.

Vivian was saddened as she looked at Larry standing quietly at one side. She pulled him into her arms and cried.

“Little pumpkin, you’re all Mommy has now.” As she hugged Larry, Vivian was thinking over possible places where Finnick could have gone to. She was not about to give up searching for him.

“Mommy, don’t cry. I’m always here with you.” Just like how Vivian had comforted him previously, Larry stroked her back, hoping that she would not cry any longer.

Looking at how helpless his mother was, Larry felt helpless, for he could not protect his own mother well.

“Your daddy’s gone, little pumpkin. He left in order to protect us.”

Vivian was worried; Finnick had not been in a good state last night. Furthermore, he had left just like that in the morning, without taking anything with him.

Where would he stay at night? What would he eat? How would he support himself?

Vivian had many questions in her head, but she did not dare to think too much about them. She knew that the more she thought about it, the more worried she would feel.

She understood that Finnick was currently in a difficult situation. He had left out of fear that the enemy would come for them.

However, did he ever stop to think about what would happen to them if the enemy just showed up one day after he left?

Vivian thought of whatever Finnick had failed to consider.

When Finnick left, he had thought that Vivian would only be able to live a safe life after he left.

He loved her, so he did not want anything to happen to her. It was the type of love where he could disregard his own life for his loved one.

The more Vivian pondered over this matter, the more upset she got.

They had only just reconciled but were now separated once again. Is our life doomed to have so many ups and downs?

When Larry saw his mother cry even harder, he walked over to the sofa to get some tissues, then stuffed them in Vivian’s hands for her to wipe her tears with.

However, she was crying so badly that her tears could not simply be dried using tissues.

Vivian did not move to wipe her tears. She let them run down her face as she felt the pain in her heart.

Both of them had been overwhelmed by the various events in life that happened recently and had no time to catch their breaths.

Since Finnick had chosen to leave, she would let herself cry for a while. After that, Vivian would have to carry on with her life.

She would not waste his efforts and disappoint him. Instead, she would raise Larry well while waiting for his return.

When the time came, they would be able to live the best quality of life together.

As she thought about it, Vivian stopped crying. She looked at Larry’s face, which resembled that of Finnick’s, and made up her mind.

She then brought Larry back to their home, the one that she had lived with Finnick in for seven years.

It felt empty. No one had lived there the past three days, so it lacked warmth.

Fortunately, the two housemaids had helped to keep the house clean. Resultantly, the house did not look too dirty.

“Mrs. Norton, did Mr. Norton not come back with you?” asked the housemaid when she saw that Vivian came back alone.

The moment she heard that question, Vivian, who had been unbuttoning Larry’s coat, froze.

“He won’t be back these few years. You should just focus on doing your job well.” Vivian only provided a brief explanation before reminding her to focus on her job.

“Sorry, I spoke too much.” Judging by Vivian’s expression, Molly knew that she had said too much.

She immediately hit herself lightly on the mouth and looked at Vivian apologetically.

“Would you like to have some breakfast?” It was eight in the morning, which happened to be Vivian’s usual breakfast time.

“Yeah.” Both Vivian had Larry had not eaten much when they woke that morning. Now that Molly mentioned it, they were both indeed a little hungry.

As soon as she heard Vivian answer, Molly hurried into the kitchen and started to make breakfast.

Since it was breakfast, Molly kept it simple and made them English breakfast with some sandwiches.

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