Never Late, Never Away Chapter 884

Beads of sweat were seen covering her face. Still, Vivian was determined to travel across every part of the garden.

It was already three when she finally walked out of the garden.

She had told the housemaid not to prepare her lunch when she left home. Thus, she went to a restaurant frequented by her and Finnick to have her lunch.

It was a high-end restaurant; its dishes cost at least a thousand each. Yet, it was a price that she was willing to pay as that place reignited memories of Finnick and her dining together.

After lunch, Vivian decided to head to the company. Although Chase Neville had taken over the company, she believed they would still let her enter the company building and look around.

There, Vivian spotted someone familiar to her. It was not her acquaintance but Larry’s friend, Joey Neville.

Joey Neville… Chase Neville… Both of them happen to share the same surname… So, Joey is actually Chase’s daughter!

Vivian was surprised upon the realization, yet she couldn’t care less about it now.

The identity of Joey’s parents had nothing to do with her. However, now that it turned out Joey was the daughter of the man who acquired Finnor Group, Vivian would no longer let her son make friends with that little girl.

At that instant, Vivian made up her mind to transfer Larry to another kindergarten.

While she was deep in her thought, Joey came up to her and greeted, “Hi, Ms. Morrison. It’s a surprise to see you here.”

Vivian was not in the mood to talk to the little girl, so she nodded in response and decided to leave.

As soon as she turned around, Chase’s voice rang out, “Mrs. Norton, you just arrived. Why are you leaving in such a hurry?”

The man’s voice was so loud, making it impossible for her to pretend that she didn’t hear it.

She uttered coldly, “Hi, Mr. Neville. I’m simply looking around, and I’m leaving now.”

Actually, Vivian was a cold person. She would only let her guard down when she was around her close friends and families.

To outsiders, Vivian was aloof and unapproachable.

“Well, aren’t you going to come in? Perhaps have a cup of tea?” Chase was discreetly eyeing Vivian up and down as he invited her in.

He couldn’t seem to figure out why Finnick would have his eyes on such an average-looking woman. What’s so special about this woman?

Every man would be interested in finding out about the secret of a mysterious woman, let alone Chase, a ladies man.

Chase had a daughter with his wife, yet this man also had numerous illegitimate children.

In fact, he had so many lovers that he couldn’t possibly count them on the fingers of both hands.

Back then, he only married his wife for money and power. His wife was not the kind of woman he imagined he would marry anyway.

Now that he had all he wanted, he no longer bothered to hide his affairs from his wife.

Since then, his wife devoted herself to religion and spent all her time diving deep into Bible to seek refuge from heartbreak. Chase loathed her even more because of that.

“No thanks. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be leaving now.” Vivian cast a glance at Chase and gave him a polite nod. With that, she turned and left before he could say anything.

Vivian didn’t mean to be impolite. It was just that she didn’t feel like dealing with Chase.

So, she had no choice but to brush him off. She believed that Chase, the president of a huge company, wouldn’t degrade himself in forcing her to stay.

In fact, what surprised her most was to see Chase at the company. I thought eagles don’t catch flies. It’s just the second day of him taking over the Finnor Group… Why is he so eager to come to the company? Is there something hidden in the company that I don’t know about and that Chase thought is important to him?

Knowing she was overthinking again, Vivian shook the thoughts off her mind.

The sky was turning dark as the sun went below the horizon. She decided to end her search for the day and headed home.

It was late when Vivian finally arrived home. Larry had already fallen asleep.

Vivian went to her son’s bedroom to check on him. Looking affectionately at the sleeping Larry, she bent over to press a kiss on his cheek before leaving.

Sitting alone at the dining table, she had some food for dinner.

The house felt cold and empty without Finnick’s presence. Since he went missing, Vivian had lost her spirit to do anything.

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