Never Late, Never Away Chapter 885

Vivian looked around the house as she walked up the stairs and along the corridor.

She knew Finnick couldn’t come back to her for some reason. Even if he was to came back, that was unlikely to happen in the near future.

Vivian pushed open the door of the bedroom she shared with Finnick. It was the one place in the house where they had created many unforgettable memories together.

She was reluctant to indulge in reminiscence. Now, she needed to get used to life without Finnick.

Only then could she stay strong and move on with life while waiting for his return.

Meanwhile, a figure in his agitated state was seen walking on the road in the pitch-dark night. No one knew of his identity and where he was heading.

The next morning, Vivian and Larry visited a kindergarten located somewhere near the magazine company.

For various reasons, she didn’t agree with her son attending the same kindergarten as Joey.

“Mommy, why am I transferring school?”

Larry hadn’t been to kindergarten for a while now. His mother had applied for a leave of absence from school for him. The little boy couldn’t help feeling confused after learning that Vivian was transferring him to another kindergarten.

“Well, the new kindergarten is nearer to my workplace. Don’t you want to stay closer to me?”

Although Vivian’s heart was suffering from unbearable pain after having lost Finnick in her life, she had always tried to put up a good front and hide her sadness from her son.

Yet, her forced smile carried with it a tinge of bitterness in Larry’s eyes.

“Of course I do!” Larry was aware that Finnick was gone, and his mother was left alone at home.

He was willing to do anything to make her happy. Not only that, he would try his best to protect his mother when Finnick was not around.

Looking at the considerate Larry, Vivian suddenly recalled how Finnick used to piss her off in the past.

The father and son had totally different characters, yet they were both equally important to her.

Vivian was glad when she saw Larry started getting used to the new environment.

Just as she was about to leave the kindergarten, she received a call from Benedict.

She heard Benedict’s voice over the phone, “Come home if you have the time. There’s something I need to tell you.”

Benedict ended the call after receiving a reply from her.

Initially, Vivian planned to go to work today, yet Benedict’s phone call had thrown her plan astray. Having no choice, she called the magazine company and told her colleague that she was not coming to the office for the day.

Vivian couldn’t help but let out a wry smile. She then hailed a cab, heading to the Morrison residence.

She knew Benedict was going to talk to her about Finnick.

Even though she was not in the mood to talk about it, she couldn’t possibly reject Benedict.

That man was her brother, and he cared a lot about her.

Listening to the music from the radio, she reclined in the backseat and closed her eyes to get some rest.

Benedict’s house was located quite far away from the city center. He said that the place was quiet and secluded.

Soon the car came to a halt. “Miss, you’ve arrived at your destination,” the driver reminded.

Vivian opened her eyes to find that they were in front of the Morrison residence. She nodded apologetically at the driver. Then, she paid the cab fare before getting out of the cab.

The Morrison residence had always looked the same since her last visit.

Vivian took a deep breath in an attempt to brace herself before walking into the house.

“Ben,” she greeted smilingly at the man sitting on the couch in the living room, waiting for her arrival.

“Oh, Vivian, I prefer you crying than forcing a sad smile.” Benedict approached her, giving her a warm hug. “How are you doing? Have you not found him yet?”

He knew everything that had happened to Vivian. Initially, he planned to ask her over when he first learned about it. Yet, he waited until now, thinking she might need some time alone.

Gazing at Benedict, Vivian uttered a response, “Mm.” Then, she tossed her purse aside and threw herself onto the couch.

She could feel her whole body aching after a tiring day. If Finnick were here, he would let her lay on his lap and give her a massage.

Benedict couldn’t care less about her being unladylike. He handed her a glass of water and asked, “Why don’t you come back and live here?”

He wished Vivian could live with him since it was unsafe for a young lady to live outside.

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