Never Late, Never Away Chapter 887

Besides, all employees were required to attend the celebration.

After seeing Vivian’s response, another female colleague chimed in, “We’ll go together!”

The two female colleagues had never hung out with Vivian before. Now that they finally got the opportunity, they couldn’t help feeling excited.

They only joined the company a few years after Vivian. Thus, Vivian was considered their senior.

“I’m sorry. I need to fetch my child, so I can’t go with you guys,” Vivian said apologetically.

She needed to make sure that her son arrived home safe and sound before she could attend the banquet at night.

It wouldn’t be much of a problem leaving Larry at home since the housemaid was there to take care of him. Besides, Larry was a good boy. She had confidence in him that he would behave well at home.

“Alright then.” The two colleagues were a little disappointed.

They were actually a little envious of Vivian when they heard from other seniors that her husband was the famous Finnick Norton – the president of Finnor Group before it changed hands.

Nevertheless, it was not the time to be jealous as they were not yet done with their job.

Soon they returned to their work at hand.

After leaving the office, Vivian picked Larry up at the kindergarten and brought him back home.

Since there was ample time before the banquet began, she ate some noodles with Larry and had a little chat with him. Then, she left the little boy in the hands of the housemaid before leaving.

On her way to the banquet, she felt something was off as restlessness crept onto her heart.

In the end, she thought it was her feeling nervous about attending a banquet for the first time after two years.

Vivian wore a black dress and exquisite makeup. She looked like a goddess, aloof and distant.

A lot of the new employees were stunned by her appearance. It was the first time they saw her dressing up.

Being in the center of attention, Vivian didn’t feel shy or out of place. Instead, she graciously smiled at the crowd.

Some male employees even invited her for a dance though she rejected them.

She should discipline herself in case Finnick would be jealous when he came back and learned about her dancing with another man.

At the long table, Vivian grabbed herself a glass of orange juice. Just then, someone greeted her, “Hi, Vivian.”

She turned around to find that it was one of her colleagues though they barely knew each other.

Vivian returned her greeting, “Hi.” She was usually courteous toward those who took the initiative to talk to her.

The young lady introduced herself, “Vivian, I’m Paris.” While doing so, she couldn’t help casting her eyes at Vivian’s beautiful dress.

Vivian simply nodded and waited for her to continue.

“Vivian, I’ve heard that there will be a lucky draw tonight. The winner gets to make a wish. With its power and connections, the company will definitely make the winner’s wish come true. Do you want to try your luck?”

The participation was entirely voluntary. Those who wished to participate needed only to inform their employee ID.

Paris already took part in the lucky draw, and she was here to ask if Vivian would like to take part as well.

Although she was new to the company, she got a good impression of Vivian – the cold yet experienced journalist.

Seeing Vivian standing alone, she decided to come and talk to her.

“Sure.” Vivian never thought of winning the lucky draw. She participated in it, hoping to get some good luck from the festive event.

Since she was now at the banquet, she should relax and have fun.

After Paris led Vivian to put her employee ID into the lucky draw box, the two took a walk in the garden at the back of the hall.

They headed back to the hall when there were only five minutes left before the event began.

The host started the event by welcoming the guests with warm greetings. Vivian was sick of the same old customary opening remarks, yet the employees were not allowed to leave the hall.

Having no choice, she could only chat with Paris to pass the time.

Fortunately, the host was considerate enough to end the boring opening remarks real quick. Following up was the lucky draw session.

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