Never Late, Never Away Chapter 888

All the employers held their breath as the host reached his hand into the lucky draw box.

Everyone was excited, except Vivian and Paris.

The former was unperturbed as she didn’t believe she would be the winner; the latter was simply unconcerned about the prize.

The host drew a number tag from the box and announced the employer ID, “1220.”

The sound of people sighing ensued.

Seeing that no one came forward, the host asked, “Who has the employer ID 1220?”

Hearing that, Vivian curled her lips into a smile. Lucky me.

She made her way onto the stage under the crowd’s envious stare.

Although she didn’t believe that the company was capable of granting her wish, she placated a pleasant smile nevertheless.

The way she behaved on the stage in front of her colleagues and superiors represented her attitude toward the company.

“Please be quiet, everyone.” The host raised his hand to get the hall to quiet down. “Now, it’s time for Vivian, our lucky winner, to make a wish.”

The next moment, the crowds cheered Vivian on.

Vivian had indeed stood out that night by making a grand appearance in that beautiful dress and becoming the winner of the lucky draw.

As the crowd went wild, the host once again called out, “Silence, everyone.”

The banquet just got started, and there were still a lot of activities to come. If the guests got too excited right now, they might be too tired to join the upcoming events.

Anyway, the host was just worrying over nothing.

The host gave Vivian a signal and said, “Come, make your wish.”

Vivian nodded. Standing before the lit-up candles, she murmured a few words under her breath with her eyes closed and her hands clasped.

After that, she left the stage.

Regardless of whether the wish would come true, Vivian would always be hopeful.

Soon it was the cake-cutting session.

The crowd fell into silence as Lesley walked onto the stage. They knew the senior editor was not someone they should mess with.

It was a good thing to have a senior editor who had a deterrent effect on the employees.

While exuding an overbearing aura, Lesley grabbed the serrated knife and cut the cake smoothly.

This time, the crowd dared not to cheer. Lesley cast her eyes impassively over the whole lot before she walked down the stage.

She was not a supercilious person, nor was she belittling the employees. It was just that she had a cold personality.

Thus, the employees nicknamed her “Maleficent” though they dared only call that behind her back.

Soon, the atmosphere turned upbeat when the host said cheerfully, “Now, it’s time for us to have fun! Let the party begin!”

All of the employees, including the host himself, got excited when they could finally have fun after a tiring day at work.

They gathered around and engaged themselves in party games.

Later, they headed to the karaoke for an after party.

Vivian sat on the couch while she quietly watched the other colleagues singing.

She would occasionally respond to Paris when the latter talked to her.

After a while, Vivian’s phone vibrated. She exited the karaoke booth to answer the call.

“Little pumpkin?” She was curious about the reason for Larry calling.

“Mommy, it’s late now. Why are you not home yet? You still need to work tomorrow!” Larry spoke disapprovingly like a little adult over the phone.

Vivian was at a loss for words. Eventually, she promised her son that she would go home right away.

Back in the karaoke booth, she took leave from Paris before excusing herself to the senior director, “Ms. Jenson, I need to go home now. My son is still waiting for me.”

Hearing that, Lesley nodded her approval.

After leaving the karaoke, Vivian hurriedly got into her car and drove home.

She needed to arrive home as soon as possible, or her son would definitely nag at her.

It wasn’t long after the first call when she received a second call from Larry.

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