Never Late, Never Away Chapter 890

Yet, it seemed like there was no escaping from the inevitable.

Vivian couldn’t possibly make the senior editor change her mind, so she braced herself for the interview. It’s no big deal at all! I’ll treat the interview as having a casual conversation with him. Chase won’t bite; there’s no need to fret.

Since the interview was a great opportunity to gain experience, Vivian was required to bring a junior journalist with her. Lesley told her that the junior journalist would turn up at her desk, yet she didn’t mention the specific time.

After waiting for a long time, the junior journalist was still nowhere to be seen. Vivian then went to the pantry to pour herself a cup of water.

A familiar voice rang out, “Vivian.” She turned around to find that it was Paris.

Vivian nodded smilingly at the young lady and then continued drinking her water.

She thought Paris was just passing by the pantry.

To her surprise, it turned out that Paris was the junior journalist who would be joining her to interview Chase. It’s Paris! What a coincidence!

She told Paris, “Come to the meeting room after you finish your coffee. We need to discuss the interview.”

Since tomorrow was the interview, they needed to come up with the questions and discuss the details. After all, the subject of their interview was Chase, the president of a conglomerate. They couldn’t afford to let anything go wrong during the interview.

That day, Vivian and the team worked two hours overtime and only got off work at seven in the evening.

Since they missed lunch, Vivian decided to treat the team to dinner.

The team members included a photographer, an assistant, and Paris.

All of them were delighted when Vivian told them she was treating them to dinner. They quickly grabbed their coat and soon arrived at a restaurant.

“Vivian, I heard you’ve interviewed Finnor Group’s president before. Is that true?”

After working together for an entire day, the team members realized that Vivian was not as unapproachable as rumor had it. Thus, they felt free to ask her questions.

Vivian answered frankly, “I did interview Finnor Group’s president before, but not the current president.”

She still remembered her interviewing Finnick on the day they got married.

Although it happened seven years ago, that day’s memory remained vivid in her mind.

“Huh?” The team members were clueless. Before they could ask for further clarification, the server had brought them their food.

As their curiosity succumbed to the temptation of the delicious food, they ended the conversation and started digging in.

They greatly enjoyed themselves. Yet, if they hadn’t asked Vivian that question, perhaps she would find the meal more enjoyable.

After making payment, Vivian bade them goodbye and drove home.

Larry was already asleep by the time she arrived home. Lying on the bed, she started recalling her past with Finnick.

Soon, she fell asleep with bittersweet feelings in her heart.

The next morning, the team members were already waiting at the office when she arrived.

“Morning, Vivian,” they greeted her.

After returning their greetings, she asked them to prepare to leave for Finnor Group.

The interview was scheduled at nine-thirty, and they still had an hour’s time to travel there.

Although the journey would only take about fifteen minutes, Vivian thought it would be better for them to arrive ahead of time.

Before leaving, Lesley called her to her office and handed her a document. “I’ve prepared some questions for the interview. You can pick a few of them and ask during the interview.”

The only way a magazine company could gain a strong foothold in the industry was by digging into scandals and publishing first-hand news.

Vivian was rendered speechless as she flipped through the document. There were three pages of them! Since it was near the departing time, she decided to bring the document with her and played it by ear during the interview.

After all, as a senior journalist, she had acquired the ability to think on her feet over the years.

“Let’s go!” Vivian took the lead getting into the car that the company assigned to them.

Amongst the team members, the photographer was more experienced and knowledgeable with the interviewing procedure. As for the assistant, she needed only to wait for them and provide assistance when asked to.

Thus, Paris was the most nervous one amongst them.

“Don’t be nervous. During the interview, you can imagine him as a…” Vivian was trying to come up with something.

The witty assistant suggested, “A cabbage!”

“Yes! We’ll treat him as a cabbage.” Vivian shot the assistant an approving look. Feeling amused, Paris broke into laughter.

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