Never Late, Never Away Chapter 891

Although Paris was still feeling a little nervous, being a professional, she soon regained her composure.

It was ten past nine when they arrived at Finnor Group. They decided to wait in the waiting area at the lobby until the appointment time.

That was a habit of Vivian whenever she was to interview someone. During the waiting period, she would declutter her mind and organize her thoughts.

Just as they settled down at the waiting area, a staff approached her and asked, “Hi, are you Ms. Morrison?”

Vivian nodded. “Yes, I am.”

Then, the staff asked them to come with her.

As they reached the president’s office, the staff halted. “Our president said you could simply walk in.”

Vivian nodded smilingly at the staff. “Alright. Thank you.”

After knocking on the door, the voice of a man was heard from inside the office, “Come in.”

Vivian asked the assistant to wait outside while she entered the president’s office with Paris and the photographer.

In the office, a man was sitting in the desk chair, having his back to them. Regardless, Vivian nodded at him and introduced herself, “Hi, I’m Vivian. We are from the magazine company, and we’re here to interview you.”

“Mm. You can start the interview now.”

It seemed like the president had no intention of turning around to face them. Vivian stuck her tongue out at the man’s back view. This man was rude when I saw him two years ago. It seems like he hasn’t changed at all.

She took out the document that Lesley gave her and started asking the questions on it.

Some of the questions looked weird or rather personal to her, yet she asked the man nevertheless as per Lesley’s order. “How is your relationship with your wife?”

Just then, the man suddenly turned around. “Great,” he answered.

Vivian looked up from her document. She froze, and her mind went blank the moment her eyes met the man’s face.

The next moment, her heart was overwhelmed with mixed emotions of surprise, joy, and exhilaration.

“What’s wrong? Go on.”

It turned out that the person Vivian was interviewing all the while was not Chase, as she thought, but Finnick!

The photographer gave Vivian a slight nudge and brought her back to her senses.

Seeing that, Finnick cast his icy gaze over the photographer, which sent a chill down the latter’s spine.

“Oh… Well… Let’s go on then.” In her daze, Vivian continued with the interview. In fact, with her mind jumbled up, she had no idea what she was asking throughout the interview.

When she came across one of the questions on the document, she looked up at Finnick, with her eyes bore straight into his. “Two years ago, why did you suddenly disappear after the ownership transfer of Finnor Group?”

In fact, this question itself had revealed the identity of the interviewee. Vivian didn’t notice it as she had only run her eyes over the document.

Anyway, she wondered how Finnick was going to answer the question.

“Because I wanted to provide my wife and my child a better life.” With that, Finnick stared intently at her, his eyes full of determination.

Meanwhile, the photographer was puzzled when the two fell into silence.

When the interview finally ended, Vivian asked the team members to head back to the office first.

After sending them off, she retraced her steps back to the president’s office, led by the very staff whom she met earlier that morning.

Finnick knew Vivian would come back. Fixing his eyes on her, he asked, “Ms. Morrison, is there anything else?”

Without bothering to answer his question, Vivian leaped onto the man, wrapping her legs around his waist. The next moment, she mashed her lips against his.

For the past two years, her life was full of incessant waiting. There was not a day that passed without her missing Finnick. She wished so badly to meet him again.

Now that her wish finally came true, Vivian could hardly contain herself.

Her heart was thumping wildly in her chest, and her breathing grew heavier.

She kissed Finnick fiercely as if she was punishing him for her sufferings. Why didn’t you find me when you were back? Why would you show up in this way?

Finnick let the woman vent her emotions.

He knew that was the only way to appease her. Only then could he beg for her forgiveness.

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