Never Late, Never Away Chapter 893

The family had an uneventful reunion dinner together and everyone went to bed after that.

When they finally had some time together in their own room, Finnick unleashed the beast in him. He pushed Vivian against the wall and started kissing her unreservedly.

Unlike the kiss they shared earlier on at the company, his kiss was possessive and demanding, compelling Vivian to give in to him.

“Finnick, don’t…” she called out weakly at his entreat, trying to push him away, but this only provoked him further.

He had endured a long time without her, and there was no use trying to push him away now.

Finnick stripped off her clothes slowly, cupping his hands on the tender bumps on her chest as he intensified his kiss.

He carried her over to the bed and let her down gently. His hands lingered on her skin in passionate strokes, not sparing any parts of her body.

He showered her with kisses and made sweet love to her through the night.

When morning broke, Vivian felt her legs were so feeble and numb she could not get out of bed.

“Morning,” Finnick greeted her with a smile on his face as if he was making fun of her.


Vivian looked at him from the corner of her eyes and stumbled out of bed.

She would have fallen if Finnick had not caught her in his arms.

“Why don’t you just skip work today? You just need to tell the senior editor,” he suggested.

Vivian whipped her head around with her eyes wide open.

She had not turn out for work yesterday afternoon.

She could not just excuse herself today as well, not unless she wanted to lose her job.

Vivian shuddered at the thought of getting a good scolding from Ms. Jenson. She had a terrifying record of bringing people to tears.

Vivian could not imagine how embarrassed she would feel if she were to get scolded in front of everyone.

I’d better get to work. She shook her head and told herself she should get going.

“You’d better not go to work today if you don’t want people to start saying things about you,” Finnick reminded her with a sly smile on his face.

Vivian had gone missing right after she saw Finnick yesterday. She could not imagine what people would say when they found out she took leave today.

Her colleagues were a nosy lot. They would definitely start making things up in their heads.

Vivian could well defend herself and say she did not do anything fishy, but the truth was, something did happen between her and Finnick.

Besides, they would definitely think she slept with Finnick just to get a promotion.

She would not feel comfortable working under the scrutiny of those people at the office, so she decided to just skip work today.

She picked up her phone and waited for the senior editor to pick up anxiously.

“Yes?” a voice came from the other side.

“Hi, Ms. Jenson, Vivian here. I’d like to apply for leave today,” she said timidly, hoping not to get a scolding from her. She could not imagine the shame of getting a lecture from her superior in front of her husband.

“No way, Vivian. You’re coming to work today.” The senior editor was annoyed when Vivian did not turn out yesterday. Now that she was taking leave again, she was infuriated.

There was no way she was going to let her go just like this.

Vivian glared at Finnick, not knowing how else to answer her superior.

He went over and snatched the phone away. “Hi, Finnick here. Vivian’s with me. She’s my wife.”

A furious frown carved on Vivian’s brows when she heard his words.

But the senior editor reacted otherwise. “Oh, Mr. Norton.” There was a fleeting element of surprise in her voice despite her calm response.

“I don’t want to hear any nasty comments going around in the company,” he added.

Since Vivian still wanted to keep her identity low profile, Finnick could only ask the senior editor to keep it a secret.

“Sure, Mr. Norton.”

Vivian looked at him, bewildered.

It suddenly dawned upon her that Finnick must have acquired the company she was working at.

Else the senior editor would never listen to Finnick or even promise to keep their secret. That was the only possible explanation she could come up with.

“You bought our company?” Vivian asked.

“Yeah.” Finnick surveyed her expression for a trace of surprise, but he was disappointed. Vivian did not seem impressed at all. After all, Finnick was a wealthy man.

He was the president of Finnor Group, so it was no surprise that he procured a small company like the one Vivian was working at.

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