Never Late, Never Away Chapter 894

A feeling of displeasure rose in her heart when Vivian realized she had been working for Finnick all this while.

It was no fun earning her husband’s money.

“I’m resigning,” she said, pouting her mouth.

She wanted to work at a magazine company, not Finnick’s company.

“No way,” Finnick cut her short.

He could not bring himself to let her work for someone else.

Vivian knew she stood no chance before him, so she just stared at him without saying anything.

“What’s the matter?”

“You’re not going to work?” she asked. Finnick was expecting her to say something else, but she changed the topic.

“I don’t feel like working today,” Finnick said with an entitled tone.

He was the boss of the company, so he could just do whatever he liked.

On second thought, Vivian thought it would be better to just be her own boss at home.

“Then what are you doing today?” Vivian felt like she really needed to take a rest, and the only way she could do that was to get Finnick away.

“I’m sending Larry to school and then coming home.”

He had already planned on sending Larry to school. It was just that he stayed back a little to chat with Vivian.

“Alright, off you go then.”

Larry was already in his second year of elementary school. Although the school bus would come to pick him up every day, Finnick still wanted to send him to school on his own.

Since Finnick had been away for some time, it would be good for the father and son to have some bonding time.

Larry was on cloud nine when he found out Finnick was sending him to school.

Yet despite his happiness, the boy remained silent throughout the drive, so Finnick asked him what was bugging him.

“I don’t want to go to this school anymore,” the boy said.

“Why?” To Finnick, there were only three reasons why kids refuse to go to school.

It was either they dislike studying, they were lazy, or they were bullied.

Finnick really hoped it was not the third reason, because he would make sure the culprits pay for whatever they did to his child.

“I already know most of the things taught at school.”

Larry’s reply took Finnick by surprise. How does a second-grader know more than what the school is teaching?

Did he learn it from elsewhere?

I don’t think Vivian is teaching him anything beyond his curriculum though.

Finnick looked at him curiously, hoping the boy could give him an explanation, but Larry stammered and could not even come up with any good reason.

It was actually Samuel who taught him everything, but Larry was afraid that Finnick would be sad if he mentioned Samuel, so he lied and said he learned everything himself.

Finnick believed him and was impressed.

But he still felt he needed to discuss with Vivian before transferring him to another school. After all, Finnick just came back and he was not the most familiar with Larry’s situation.

“Alright, Daddy. You can discuss with Mommy first,” the boy said. Finnick patted his head lovingly before sending him into his classroom.

“Wow, he’s so handsome.”

“Is he Larry’s dad?”

“Who else could he be? Of course he’s Larry’s dad.”

The kids in the classroom suddenly became unsettled when they saw Finnick.

Instead of entertaining their gossips, Larry walked past his classmates and went straight to his seat.

This was not the first time this happened to him. Back when he was in kindergarten, his classmates also got excited when they saw Finnick. Things had not changed much even though he was now at elementary school.

In fact, these kids adored his father even more as they grew up.

Larry sat down and shifted his gaze outside the window as he watched Finnick leaving.

When Finnick got home, he told Vivian about Larry.

After some discussion, the couple decided to raise this issue to the school principal and see if anything could be done.

Since this had to do with Larry’s education, Vivian wanted to go over to his school right away.

“Are you sure? Can you go over now?” Finnick looked at her struggling to stand on her feet, his brows arched in a naughty curve.

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