Never Late, Never Away Chapter 895

Vivian totally disregarded him and went ahead to go meet the school principal.

“Ms. Clark, what do you think about Larry skipping a grade?”

Vivian told the principal everything after she met her at her office, but the latter found her proposal absurd.

This was unprecedented in the school.

The school was a relatively new one and Vivian chose to send Larry to this school simply because it was near her workplace.

She did not expect Larry to know more than what his classes were teaching. In fact, even Larry himself was surprised he already knew everything taught in class.

“But if you insist, we can let him take a test for each grade. If he fails a particular grade’s exam, we’ll put him in that grade. What do you think?” the principal suggested.

Although it would be time-consuming, Vivian thought that was a good idea, so she agreed to it.

She asked that the school principal keep this a secret since she did not want other kids to see Larry differently.

Although other children might think Larry was super smart, they might also marginalize him for being different from them.

Vivian did not want her child to face this kind of discrimination from her friends.

Ms. Clark agreed and started making arrangements for Larry to take the examinations.

When the principal summoned Larry to his office, the boy was taken aback to see his parents there. “Daddy? Mommy?” On second thought, he soon understood the reason for their presence.

Vivian shot him an assuring smile and took a quick look at the school principal.

“I talked with Ms. Clark just now. She said she’ll let you take each grade’s exam,” she explained.

“Yeah, you just need to answer the questions on the papers,” the principal added.

Larry nodded and went over to the office table.

There were a total of five test papers. If Larry were able to pass all these tests, he would be able to skip elementary school altogether.

Honestly speaking, Ms. Clark did not have high hopes for Larry. She did not think any kid would be able to go from second grade to junior high school.

But she got it all wrong.

Larry only took about ten minutes to finish each of the test papers.

Ms. Clark was utterly shocked.

She had never seen a student so smart.

Vivian and Finnick checked through his answers and were equally amazed to see no faults.

Finnick himself was not a performing student when he was young. He was known for being an unruly kid who loved fighting with others.

As for Vivian, despite being a studious child, she was never one of those prodigies at school.

None of them would expect their kid to be so clever.

Larry was done with all the tests in about an hour.

Ms. Clark was shaken to the core when she saw his answers.

She could not believe her eyes. Larry actually passed the sixth-grade examination with flying colors.

Even Finnick almost lost his composure.

No parents would stand unfazed when their second-grade child managed to pass a sixth-grade exam.

They had never seen anything like this.

A cheeky smile played on Larry’s lips when he saw their expressions.

Larry actually wrote down some wrong answers in the paper because he knew they were going to be flabbergasted, but of course, he did not tell them that was what he actually did.

Ms. Clark’s hands quivered as she scanned through the tests, slowly turning to look at Larry.

She went over and reached for the kid’s hand in disbelief, but Larry’s brows furrowed and he moved away instinctively.

He did not like strangers touching him—not even the school principal.

But Ms. Clark was too overwhelmed to realize any of this.

“Larry, you’re a genius!” she exclaimed in excitement.

But the kid looked at her calmly as if she was talking about someone else.

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