Never Late, Never Away Chapter 897

It was the senior editor. She was back.

“Vivian, over at my office,” she called out.

Vivian quickly wiped off the water on her mouth and picked up the document on her table. She shot Paris an assuring glance before running into the office.

“This is the report, Ms. Jenson,” Vivian said, putting the document on the table politely as her careful gaze darted at the senior editor.

Although her husband was the owner of the company, Vivian was still afraid of her.

Just when Vivian was wondering why the senior editor refused to speak after asking her to come into the office, she finally spoke.

“You’re not getting any bonus this month.”

Vivian felt a burden lifted off her chest when she heard this.

She was worried that the senior editor would give her special treatment because she knew who Vivian was, but she did not.

Vivian was actually relieved to have a superior who drew a clear line between work and personal affairs.

The long pause earlier on was because the senior editor was contemplating if she should cut Vivian’s bonus.

On one hand, it would not make a difference even if she deducted Vivian’s bonus since this company belonged to her husband. Besides, she could also get on Mr. Norton’s good side if she gave Vivian her bonus.

But on the other hand, it was her working principle to keep things professional. She would reward and punish her employees according to their performance.

“Is there a problem? Do you want to know why I’m withholding your bonus?” she asked, looking at Vivian.

“Is it because I left yesterday afternoon?”

“Spot on.”

Paris came over nervously when she saw Vivian coming out of the office happily.

“You’re not getting your bonus?”

Paris could not understand how someone could who just got her bonus revoked be in a good mood.

She’s really one of a kind.

Paris went back to her place and buried herself in work.

She came from a humble family, and she was not particularly bright when it came to working. She felt really fortunate to have Vivian guiding her.

Paris always tried to solve the problems she faced on her own before turning to Vivian for help.

Vivian was shocked when she saw a few strangers at her house when she got home after work.

There was a long line of men and women at her place, and they all turned and looked at her when she came in.

“What’s happening?” she asked when she saw Finnick.

She was wondering why all these strangers were standing instead of sitting on the couch.

Are we getting a new housemaid?

“Oh, I’m trying to find suitable tutors for every subject Larry is taking,” he answered, bending down to help Vivian change into a pair of indoor slippers.

He stood back up again and carried her bag to another side.

Vivian was taking a cursory glance at the tutors when she spotted a familiar face.

“Paris?” She suddenly found herself at a loss for words.

She felt as if Paris and her were really meant to be. Things could not be any more coincidental.

“This is your house?” Paris asked.

She actually saw Vivian earlier on, but when she saw her being so intimate with Finnick, she figured it would be best to be sparing with her questions.

Now that Vivian had seen her, she decided to just ask away.

“Yeah, this is my house,” Vivian replied with a nod.

There was no use denying it, but at least Paris did not know Vivian was the wife of the president.

“What a coincidence,” Paris said with her face lit in happiness.

She took a glance at Finnick and could not help but admire the couple.

Not only was Vivian a beautiful woman herself, but her husband was also a dashing man. She’s a lucky soul.

Paris could not help but think of her own unimpressive life, but she quickly brushed it off.

“Which subject are you teaching?” Vivian asked.

Although Paris was already working, tutoring only took up one hour.

She knew she would be able to juggle both if she managed her time well.

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