Never Late, Never Away Chapter 898

Since Finnick had chosen her as one of Larry’s tutors, Vivian was sure Paris must be the best candidate.

“I’m teaching languages,” she replied.

Languages were Paris’ forte. It was just that she never had a chance to showcase her talent at work.

Vivian nodded in approval. She took a sweeping look at the other tutors and then at Finnick.

“I think they’re all fine,” she said to him.

“Alright then. Y’all need to work out a schedule and work around it. I’ll see y’all tomorrow. Don’t be late,” Finnick said to the group.

The reason why he asked them to stay was that he wanted Vivian to have a look at them.

“Paris, let me send you home?”

The sky was already dark, and Vivian did not want her to go home on her own.

Gloom settled over Finnick’s face when she heard Vivian and he glared at Paris begrudgingly.

He had waited for his wife for the whole day at home.

He clearly did not want her to go out again.

“Nah, it’s fine. It’s totally fine,” Paris quickly rejected and left.

She could feel Finnick’s angry glare drilling through her when Vivian offered to send her home. She knew she should just make herself scarce before she offended him.

“What’s with that face?” Vivian finally understood why Paris scrambled off when she saw Finnick’s face.

“It’s already dark. It’s not safe for her to go home on her own. Besides, she’s not even driving. That makes it more dangerous,” Vivian said.

“You need to stop worrying so much.”

Finnick pulled her into his arms and looked at her with a suggestive smile on his face.

“What is it?” Vivian felt something was off from his expression.

Finnick was all serious back then when the tutors were around. Vivian really had no idea what had gotten into him. His face was all red.

She touched his face and was shocked to feel the heat on his body.

“Are you okay, Finnick?” she asked anxiously.

Vivian suddenly remembered someone bumped into her when she was on the way home. The person even shoved something into her bag.

She left Finnick on the couch and went over to check her bag. She opened it to see a few condoms.

It turned out the salesman had put a few condoms in her bag when she ran into him while she was on the way home after work.

Vivian was speechless. He was sure Finnick must have eaten something earlier on, else he would not be in this state.

But with him being like this, there was nothing else she could do but to send him to get a cold shower. Although she felt bad for doing this to him, she really did not want to see him like this.

There was obviously another solution, but Vivian felt reluctant.

Before she could make up her mind, Finnick hugged her from behind. She felt something hard pressing against her.

“Finnick, not here.” Although Larry was already asleep, Vivian still did not feel safe doing it in the living room.

It would be better to continue it in their own room.

“Vivian…” Finnick lowered his head and kept calling her name.

Vivian knew he must have taken quite a high dosage to be this desperate.

“I’m here,” she coaxed helplessly as he called her again.

Finnick’s arms tightened and enveloped her in his embrace, planting kisses on her neck.

It was another sleepless night.

When Vivian woke up again the next morning, she was already in her bed, naked.

Likewise, the man lying beside her was also shirtless. She instantly knew what happened yesterday.

“Morning, Honey.” Finnick flashed her his brightest smile when she turned her head toward him. Vivian felt like giving him a punch in the face.

I swear he must have used some medication. Else he would’ve given me a break yesterday.

Vivian had no idea how she was supposed to go to work with all the hickeys on her neck.

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