Never Late, Never Away Chapter 899

Finnick knew what she was thinking in her mind. “Just don’t go today,” he said, pulling her into his embrace before falling back asleep.

Vivian looked at him in resignation and continued sleeping.

She could vaguely hear some voices from downstairs. It must be the tutors.

It’s okay, Mrs. Filder will take care of them.

Finnick actually heard them coming into the house earlier on, but he decided to just sleep in.

Vivian finally got out of bed by afternoon. Although she was spent from yesterday, she felt like she had had enough rest.

Besides, she would not be able to sleep at night if she continued to stay in bed.

Vivian knew this was exactly what Finnick wanted. He wanted her to stay up at night so he could do whatever he wanted with her.

She could read him like an open book, but she decided not to call him out.

“Come on, it’s time to wake up,” she said, pulling his blanket aside. Her hand froze in the air for a moment when she saw him all naked.

“What is it? It’s not like you’ve never seen it before?” Finnick teased, looking at her.

Vivian rolled her eyes and tossed out of bed. After putting on some clothes, she went to wash up.

It was already recess time for Larry when they both went down. The boy was sitting on the couch, looking at them when they walked down the staircase.

“Why did you guys wake up so late?” Larry asked directly.

From what he remembered, Vivian was never late for work.

Why did she sleep in till the afternoon today?

His forthright question made Vivian fidgety. She darted her gaze at Finnick, hinting him to answer.

“Oh, we were busy doing something yesterday night, so we slept late,” Finnick said, looking at his son in the eyes.

Vivian shot him a death glare the moment she heard his reply.

Are you serious? He’s just a boy!

Finnick took a quick glance at her and went right into the dining area with a smile on his face.

Vivian felt embarrassed staying in the living room, so she went into the dining area after Finnick.

Since Finnick was back, Vivian thought they might as well go get their marriage certificate.

“When are we getting our marriage license?”

Finnick’s hand paused slightly as he held out his cutlery to get some food. “Give me some time. I’m a little busy lately.”

“Why? It’s not like getting the certificate is gonna take a long time,” Vivian asked, a frown settling on her brows.

She did not understand why there was a change in attitude on his side when she mentioned their wedding certificate. Although Finnick was pretty much still the same, Vivian could feel the subtle change in his character, but she did not point it out.

She wanted to give him a chance to explain himself.

“Don’t worry. I promise to give you a home. It’s just that I’m a little busy lately. I want to give you an unforgettable wedding. I’m literally unprepared right now,” he assured her sincerely.

Vivian could not help but feel guilty.

She thought he was not keen on getting their marriage certificate, but it turned out, he just wanted to give her a wedding she would remember.

Although she was touched, she still did not want to let him off the hook that easily.

“I’m gonna wait to see what kind of wedding I’m getting.”

“Sure,” he said shortly with a smile.

Despite her spiteful reply, Finnick knew her heart had softened.

“I’m going to the company to look into some matters later. Are you going to work or are you staying at home?” Finnick asked.

“Well… I’ll just stay at home today,” Vivian said, looking at the clock. It was almost time for people to get off work at her company.

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