Never Late, Never Away Chapter 900

“Alright then, I’ll get going first.”

Speaking, he got up and ruffled her neatly-combed hair until they became messy before leaving with a satisfied smile on his face.

Vivian mumbled some words and rolled her eyes at him as Finnick walked away.

Since she was spending the day at home, Vivian decided to just leave her hair be and plunged herself in bed with a book in her hand.

With only the housemaid, Larry, and his tutor at home, there was no better time to indulge in a good read.

Vivian was so caught up in the book she did not even realize Finnick was already home.

“Vivian,” he beckoned, looking at her thoughtfully.

“What is it?” she looked up at him and caught his thoughtful gaze.

“I miss you.” Finnick went ahead and gave the surprised woman a hug.

His sudden gesture elicited a smile on Vivian’s face. “Go take a shower. We’ll have dinner after that.”

The housemaid knew the usual time Finnick got off work, so she already had dinner ready.

But since Finnick was home a little earlier today, the maid had just finished preparing dinner.

She came up and called Vivian, Larry, and Finnick down for dinner when everything was ready.

Larry had just finished his first day of class and his tutor was about to leave.

“How are studies today, Larry?” Vivian asked.

She originally wanted to get an update from the tutor, but since it was dinner time, she thought it would be better to not hold up the tutor.

Besides, she wanted to talk to her son.

“The teachers are fine,” Larry answered.

He was not fussy about the teachers he got as long as he was able to learn something from them.

“Which grade are you at now?” she asked.

Back when Larry was taking the exam, they only tested him till sixth grade, so Vivian and Finnick could not tell exactly which grade Larry could continue his studies in.

“Eighth grade,” the boy replied calmly.

The two parents were once again shocked by their son’s answer.

They would need some time before they get used to surprises like this.

Vivian and Finnick exchanged looks and smiled as they dug in.

“Who is your favorite teacher?” Vivian asked.

She figured her son would like the best teacher, so she thought it would be nice to give the teacher a little bonus.

“I like the one that teaches languages the best.”

He felt she was the only tutor who taught him like a real teacher instead of treating him like her employer.

She was the only one who would pick on his mistakes unreservedly and did not walk on eggshells around him.

These were the reasons why Larry liked her the most.

“Oh, Paris?” Vivian only knew she taught languages. She was surprised Paris turned out to be Larry’s favorite teacher.

“Yeah, that’s her name,” Larry confirmed as he recalled her name.

“She’s your mom’s colleague,” Finnick explained when he spotted the confusion on his son’s face.

Finnick also noticed her when she applied for the job. He knew her because she was close to Vivian.

In order to gain the upper hand against his enemies and protect his family, Finnick made a thorough check on all the people around Vivian and Larry.

When he found out that Paris had applied for the opening, and that she was genuinely nice toward Vivian, he immediately hired her.

Things seemed to be working really well now that she turned out to be Larry’s favorite.

A proud smile curved on Vivian’s lips as she thought about Paris. She knew Paris had what it took to do a good job. She must be really capable to be able to work at the magazine company if she did not have a family backing her up.

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