Never Late, Never Away Chapter 901

“Finish up your food,” Vivian hurried Larry up when she saw the boy staring at her. He had to sleep early to get ready for tomorrow’s class.

“Alright, Mommy.”

Larry picked up his cutlery obediently and started eating. Different from his mother, his table manners were refined and proper.

This was due to their distinct upbringing and the environment they grew up in.

Although Vivian was poised and elegant as well, her son was a total natural. He had an innate gracefulness in his demeanor.

Beside her, Finnick passed her some delicious and nutritious food, hoping to compensate for the long night he put her through yesterday night.

“The company will be organizing a dinner party tomorrow. Do you want to come with me?” he asked, stealing a look at her.

“Me? Why?” From what Vivian remembered, Finnick never brought her along for any work-related events.

What’s he trying to do this time? Vivian could not help but look at him curiously.

“I want to introduce my wife to the people at the company. Besides, it’s not like you have anything to do at home, so why don’t you come along?”

Vivian thought what he said was reasonable, so she agreed to attend the company dinner with him.

Ever since Finnick came back, he had taken over most of the work at the company, so the burden on Vivian’s shoulders was not as heavy anymore.

It was a good thing Finnick came back. Over the past two years, she had worked her socks off just to give Larry a good life.

Now that Finnick was back, she did not need to work as hard anymore.

“Alright, I’ll go with you then,” she consented. She glanced at his plate and pushed the dishes closer to him.

He needed to eat more. He had lost weight over the years.

Finnick finished off all the food she passed him and briefed her on the necessary preparation for the dinner happening the day after tomorrow.

“The dinner is organized by our company and Neville Group as a token of our alliance.”

“Neville Group? I thought they’re our enemy? How do you know they’re not planning on taking over the company again?” Vivian expressed her doubt.

She was sure that Finnick knew what he was doing, but she could not figure out his motivation.

“It’s for our mutual benefits,” he answered shortly.

Chase was a womanizer, but he was actually not as bad as Vivian imagined him to be.

Many successful businessmen had affairs, and so did Chase.

But that did not mean he was a less capable entrepreneur. His management of Neville Group was impeccable.

“I see. I’ll go get a nice outfit tomorrow after work then,” Vivian said.

Vivian no longer had outfits suitable for fancy dinners, so she had to go get one at the mall tomorrow.

She had been spending more consciously and avoiding luxury brands just so she could afford a good life for Larry.

Since it was a big event held by the two companies, she thought it would be better to dress appropriately.

Her attire had to at least show she took the two companies’ collaboration seriously.

She did not want to end up falling to the mercy of gossipers.

“Do you want me to go with you?” Finnick asked.

Since his wife wanted to go shopping, he thought it would be nice to offer to accompany her.

“It’s okay. I’ll ask Paris to come with me. She has an hour after work tomorrow before she starts tutoring.”

“Alright then. You two be careful.”

Vivian knew Finnick was worried about she running into some thug or got into an accident, so she nodded at him assuringly before sitting down on the couch in front of the TV.

When she got to work the next day, she approached Paris during lunch break.

“Paris, do you have anything after work? Wanna go shopping together?”

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