Never Late, Never Away Chapter 903

Paris quickly held out her trembling hand and shook his hand.


That’s a nice name.

The hot flush on her cheeks intensified at the thought.

“Alright, let’s go shopping!”

Vivian interjected the awkward conversation.

“Ben, do you want to go buy some clothes together?”

Vivian knew he must be here to buy something. After all, they bumped into each other at a mall.

“Sure,” he said, following after the ladies.

“By the way, did you change your car?” Benedict asked. He would have recognized her earlier if she were driving her old car.

“You’re not the only one who can change to a new car,” she replied, rolling her eyes.

“Finnick has to stop pampering you,” he said, patting his sister’s head.

He knew Finnick was back. Benedict was relieved Finnick even made a successful comeback in his career.

As Vivian’s brother, her happiness was the only thing he hoped for.

“Did you just hit me?” Vivian rubbed her head and hit him back.

Their short interaction accidentally revealed a secret.

“Finnick?” Paris repeated the name, confused.

She recalled the interview with Finnor Group’s President. Although she was not entirely sure about the president’s name, the name definitely rang a bell.

Vivian instantly realized they just gave the secret away.

She glared at Benedict, who in turn stared right into her eyes unapologetically as if he thought she deserved it.

“Finnick Norton! That’s our president!” Paris snapped her finger and exclaimed after thinking for a bit.

But on a quick second thought, the thrill in her eyes disappeared and she stared at Vivian in astonishment.

“Wait… Does that mean you’re Mrs. Norton?”

She eyed Vivian from the top to the toe in disbelief.

“Yeah, that’s me. Can we proceed with shopping now?”

Vivian tugged her hand and walked faster, trying to change the topic.

Behind them, Benedict looked at the two women with a smile on his face. Paris let Vivian dragged her along, but she would occasionally turn back to look at Benedict.

After making sure Paris would keep her identity a secret, Vivian could finally shop for clothes in peace.

Although it would not make any difference, since everyone would know who Vivian was at the dinner, Vivian still wanted to keep it a secret for another day.

What she needed to do now was to pick a dress that would fit the event.

It so happened that Benedict was also there to look for an outfit for the dinner.

It only went to show that the siblings thought alike.

Vivian and Benedict each had their picks real quick once they went into the mall.

Both of their choice outfits were blue. Vivian got herself a dress, while Benedict chose a tailcoat.

Their shopping adventure ended quickly and they all went their separate ways.

Before Benedict left, he bid Paris goodbye and that sent butterflies flying in her stomach.

Paris knew she had fallen head over heels for this man.

“Vivian…” Paris wanted to know more about Benedict.

“His full name is Benedict Morrison. He’s twenty-eight and he’s Morrison Group’s president. He’s the only sibling I have.” Before Paris could say any further, Vivian saw through her and told her everything about her brother.

Vivian stole a glance at her mischievously as they hopped in the car.

By the time they reached, Finnick was still not home yet. Paris went upstairs for her tutoring session with Larry while Vivian grabbed a packet of snacks and sat crossed-legged in front of the TV.

Vivian could not care less when she was at home. She did not see the need to be so restricted, as she usually was at work.

Paris caught a glimpse of her sitting lackadaisically on the couch as she went upstairs, but she did not say anything.

She understood that everybody had to unwind at home. A place would not be home anymore if people were not able to just be themselves and cast off restrain.

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