Never Late, Never Away Chapter 904

After Paris was done with tutoring, Vivian invited her to stay back for dinner and asked the driver to send her home.

Ever since Vivian offered to send Paris home last time, Finnick hired a chauffeur just to make sure Vivian could stay home more, so Vivian decided to just go along with his arrangement.

When Paris left, Vivian went over and stuffed a piece of paper in her band. She winked at Paris before closing the door behind her.

“Mommy, why is Daddy still not home?” Larry asked, sitting down beside Vivian in the exact same posture.

A smile broke out on Vivian’s face as she spotted her son’s gesture.

“He has some work to do at the company, so he’s gonna be late.”

Vivian knew he must be busy preparing for the dinner, but despite how much work he had to do, Vivian still thought he should come home.

“Let me call him.”

She scrolled through her contacts on her phone and pressed on “Hubby”.

When she got a busy signal for her call, Vivian ended the call right away.

Finnick was probably busy attending to work. Vivian looked at the clock and realized it was already bedtime for Larry.

“Why not you go to sleep first, Larry? I’ll wait for Daddy.”

After tucking the boy in, Vivian came back downstairs to wait for Finnick while watching the TV. She soon fell into slumber as the night went on.

When she woke up, it was already the next day.

Vivian opened her heavy eyelids and looked around in confusion before realizing she was in her bedroom, not the living room.

Finnick must have carried me upstairs.

When she went to wash up, she saw Finnick had squeezed some toothpaste on her toothbrush.

Her lips curved in a blissful smile as she washed her face.

Finnick was already having breakfast downstairs when she went down.

“Morning, Honey,” he greeted when he saw her.


“Come over and have breakfast.”

Seeing Finnick finishing his food so quickly, Vivian knew he must be heading out again.

“Slow down. You’ll choke,” she said.

Although Finnick’s manner was still polished despite him eating faster than usual, Vivian was still worried.

“I’m fine, don’t worry.” He shot her a smile as he pulled out a piece of napkin from the box on the table.

He got up and put on his clothes after wiping his mouth.

“I’ll get going first, Honey.”

He waited for a nod from Vivian before leaving the house.

After sending him off, Vivian went upstairs to wake Larry up.

“Rise and shine, my little pumpkin. Did you sleep well?”

There was a hint of guilt in her exceptionally tender tone. Vivian felt she had not been the best mother for Larry over the past two years.

She knew what the boy needed most was her time, attention, and love, but she had not given him all these.

All she could think about for the past years was earning enough money to make ends meet.

That aside, she was not really sure how she could express her care and love for him.

“I slept well, Mommy,” the boy replied, retracting his gaze after looking at his mother in the eyes.

“Can I go to the amusement park today?”

Although Larry was already seven, he was still a kid. Children of his age were still highly attached to their mothers, but Larry was already well-advanced in studies and was rather independent.

Yet despite this, he was still a child at heart. He also longed to have fun just like his peers. Vivian caught the anticipation in his eyes and agreed readily.

“Sure. Why not we call off your classes today and go to the amusement park?”


Larry was exhilarated when Vivian granted him the green light to play today. He was stressed out recently with all his studies. Now that he knew he could have a day off, he was over the moon.

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